A new week is set to start tomorrow for some people

While it has already started for some of us…

When are you starting ?

Don’t forget the greatest enemy of progress in life is distraction and procrastination

No matter the prayer you might pray so that everything can go well for you in a week…

If the right thing is not done… nothing will happen brethen

What you do in the week is what matters, not what you think of doing


So do, don’t think over it…

What you do in a week is what matter and Your result at the end of the week will be determined by how focused and how you are able to maximize your time to be productive

Note those two words


ALIGN everything you will be doing this coming week in this path

Pay less attention to distractions.. They will always occur[put that in mind]

Enough of sticking to the screen for long hours… it won’t bring you anything than to wipe away your time BE WISE

Write out your goals for the week tonight

And Make sure you work on it every day until you get it done [Discipline]


You will forever be grateful, if you can do those few things…

Have a nice week

~ S.A

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