What To Do To Achieve Your Set Goals Daily Even If You Are Lazy And A Procrastinator

Setting a great goal is beautiful and is one of the simplest thing everyone finds easy doing

But making the set goal a reality is what a lot of people lack

Not they don’t want to,

But there are a lot of constraint stopping people to achieve their set goals



If you really want to go far and be successful in life, you must cultivate the habit of setting a daily goal and know the strategy that can help you to crush it

Do you know that There are lots of people leaving life like a PAPER or NYLON wind is tossing to and fro?

They don’t have a goal, no focus on what they do every single day

They just pick something that seems good to them

And the truth is they might be getting things done, in fact, they might record some little success if they are very disciplined

why did I know this?

Have once been in that category ( and I can tell from experience ) it can never take you far

To achieve something greater you will need to move out of such wind flow

You must learn how to align your focus to a specific goal and crush it perfectly without distraction

(1) And it starts by writing down the goals you want to achieve for a month or week


Don’t proof stubborn WRITE IT DOWN and place it where your eyes can see it

But seeing it and reading it alone is not enough you need to move out by taking the necessary action that will set you on the path to achieving it

And how can this be done?

It is simple

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(2) Split the Goals into different part, then number it accordingly (by this I mean arrange it in order ) the ones you need to crush first before moving to the other


(3) The next thing for you to do is to start working on Each of the parts you split it into everyday

But this is the part where a lot of people get missing

People set their daily goal but most don’t usually meet the target

For you to be able to meet your target daily you need to be focused and be disciplined

A focused man does not PROCRASTINATE or act lazy

If truly that goal is important to you

You need to first put away the cloth of procrastination and laziness because they are enemies of success

Now to achieve your daily goals

(4) write down everything you want to achieve for the next day and meditate on HOW to get it done before going to BED

Once you wake up in the morning

Brush your teeth, say your prayer

Note:- Don’t check your social media accounts ( it will tamper with your focus for the day )

wake up and do all you need to do.


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(5) Then start your day by laying your hands on the set goal for that day (don’t stand up or do any other thing until you get it done )

It may not be easy at first but force yourself into it

Success and sweet things don’t happen easily, you need to be disciplined

Try this for 2-3 weeks

what you will notice is SPEED

Things will just be speeding up for you ( this is not a normal write-up it is TESTED AND TRUSTED ) it will always work if you try it out

Don’t be a goal setter by mouth, go out and achieve your set goals

I believe this should help you in one way or the other

Go out, Try it and Share it with Others

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