11 Basic Tools To Mange,Grow And Maintain Your Online Business Presence Effectively And Accurately

we’ve come to an era in the internet marketing space where thousands of tools are been released every day, and these tools are there to make life easy for us and make our business more productive without going through any stress

The main purpose of this content is to enlighten you about some of these tools you can use to grow and maintain your online business presence


Because I realize there are lots of entrepreneurship and business folks who have one or two business online who are not aware of most of this tools which make them do business in an old-fashioned way ( by old-fashioned I mean they still stress themselves on things that ought to be automated with tools ) and the good news is that some of these tools are free


Though there are paid/premium version of some of them, But you can also achieve a lot with the FREE version as well


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Why you need some specific tools for your online business


If you’ve used one or two tools before in your online business you will know and understand better that, tools make one achieve result faster and not only that it also makes you more productive because what you should spend your precious time on can be automated with a tools


The difference between a business owner using different tools for automation in his business and the other doing everything manually is the RESULT they will get (one will waste a lot of time, undergo stress and spend more) while the other will complete a project faster, get more clients and sales and spend less


Take for example you’ve worked throughout the night and you go to bed around 5:00 am and you need to upload a content on one or two of your social media page at exactly 7:00 am

I believe you know how stressful it will be to jump out of Bed again at exactly 7:00 am in other to upload your content?

If I tell you its something you can achieve on a normal ground by using a tool to schedule your content without having to wake up around that 7:00 am again will you believe me?

Let me quickly show you some of the aspects you really need tools for in your online business


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The aspect you need tools to manage in your online business

In other to reduce stress, cut cost and be more productive this are the areas where you really need tools for in your online business

(1) Maintaining omini-presence

(2) Graphics Design

(3) Content marketing tools
Audio contents


There will always be some days in the week where you need to fully attend to other things in your life and won’t have time to attend to your business

Having an automated tool to maintain omini-presence when you are not around will keep your business running and sales flowing in

And you don’t need to burn your finger in other to have this tools (YES there are free and paid version)

the two major tools you can use to maintain omini-presence and keep your business running on social media that I recommend are:

(1) Buffer

(2) Hootsuite

With this two tools, you can schedule your content to be posted on your social media page Instagram, facebook and twitter at a particular time and date without your presence there

Do you see you need it?

For buffer just go to https://www.buffer.com create an account connect your profile with it then start using it

Or Download their APP to your Andriod mobile phone (only available on Andriod and other higher OS)

Just go to your google play store to download it


For Hootsuite do the same thing by going to https://www.hootsuite.com

Or You Download their APP to your Andriod mobile phone (only available on Andriod and other higher OS)

Note:- HootSuite also have chrome and Mozilla Firefox extension you can use your PC chrome or Mozilla Firefox browser (using the chrome/Mozilla Firefox extension you don’t need to go to their main website again all that you need to do is to click the extension schedule your content and post )



Hiring a graphic designer to help you design and edit graphics MIGHT be a little bit costly if you are just starting out So it better to leverage on some of the available free and premium tools in designing and editing of graphics

There is nothing to be afraid of, they are very easy to use


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(3) Photoshop

Photoshop is a software available on PC and Mac and it can be downloaded online just go to https://www.google.com then type the keyword “Download photoshop” in the search bar

It will list different sites where you can download the software


(4) Adobe Lightroom

Lightroom is also available on Pc and Mac and it can also be downloaded online


(5) Canva

Canva is available on ANDRIOD as well as PC

To use it on android go to your google play store, search for Canva download the APP and start using it

For PC go to https://www.canva.com



I believe you know that content marketing is very important to the success of your online business?

Content marketing is the act of sharing valuable articles in form of text audio or video to educate entertain and inform your audience about your brand

And your Contents can be in text, audio or video format and there are various tools that can help you attain the level of productivity in this


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Evernote (Andriod) you can download this in your google play store

Notepad (Andriod or PC)

Microsoft Word (Andriod and Pc)



(7) AUDACITY  (Available on pc just go to— https://www.audacityteam.org/download/  to download the software )



there are different tools you can use for your video contents


(8) Digital camera and microphones


And if you are the type that is too shy to stay in front of a camera you can leverage on the Onscreen recorder software

with onscreen recorder software, your audience will only see your screen and hear your voice

And there are different types of on-screen recorders (FREE AND PAID VERSION) But these are the main one I recommend


(9) BANDICAM— FREE (Available for PC ONLY go to https://www.bandicam.com/  to download the software )




(11) SCREENCASTO-MA-TIC—-FREE (Available for PC ONLY go to https://screencast-o-matic.com/  to download the software


All the tools mentioned above will make things easier for you and also make you more productive in your online business

I believe you’ve learned one or two things from this content?


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