One major seed you will find in every Greatpreneur is this

Some years back, I read a content here on Facebook where a thought leader was saying charge well for your service or product…

For like a week, he was emphasing and talking about the fact that you need to charge high for your products..

In fact I’ve not start any business then, but i was just consuming contents in preparation to start something

When I saw that content, as a man who meditates and discern things alot

I know it for me, but the time has not yet arrive

It good to be payed big buck, infact it so sweet…

But the foundation must be laid, and this is what alot of entrepreneurs and business folks out there won’t do..

The story I shared above is just to share light to this thought…

Now continue reading

Then, I know it for me, but at the-same time, I know it not the right time…(wisdom)

The ability to recognize difference (that’s wisdom)

Difference in time, season and place

I can as well charge high then, no-one will arrest me.. But no sales will be made

Why ?

Have not even started but I have a skill…

No body know like or even trust me,even if it just small

No one

I know you might say; Shola but your family and friends know and trust you?

Yes they know

But My question to you is

Is the skill for them, even if it for them will they pay ?

No, can you see ?

Since, i know i don’t have all those things in place

The first thing I did then, was to start helping people with my skill for free

This is what many entrepreneur will ignore..

They will ignore it because no price is involved, but most people are not really concious to know that, there is a far greater price involved than what they think of or see

To cut the story short.. Since so many people are not doing it, I was moving quickly till I start gaining ground

The rest is a long story

But here is what I did that changed the game completely

Everything I was doing then, though it was free, but I did it for people with all my heart

I put my best in it. Though it was free, but I did it well

One of the seed you will find in every Greatpreneur is EXCELLENCE

Whether you pay us or not, we do every thing excellently

With all our heart

Is this seed in you ? If no develop it, start today…

Everything about life is not money;there are things they won’t pay you for, and there are things you are too be payed for, but you have to reject the visible reward to unleash the greater reward

That’s the place of discernment

Are you in this ?

Let me know, if you learn something here

~ S.A

About Shola Adio

My business is to help you and other entrepreneur/business people, thought leaders in different industry to gain clarity, influence and authority and earn massively in your field of work using digital-media, different marketing strategy and social media You can connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn

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