The truth is bitter, boring, always hurting and sad

Is that true ?

Is it true that the truth is always boring ?

As an entity that stand solely for the truth and don’t want to be diluted, how do you cope with this ?

One major lesson, I learnt earlier in life is to never be diluted and forget my standard because I want to please people…

Have you hear people say stuff like ?

“You are too Frank, people don’t like hearing the truth, you need to keep it low…”

Have you ?

For me Have seen and hear lots of words like that, and I know you might also support keeping it low and diluting it

But that’s not me….

The truth remains the truth, who no go listen no go listen

It will be an endless regret, for people who want to be liked and cherish and has because of that become diluted and become another fairly made version, when they later realize that been diluted doesn’t make everyone like or cherish them..

Whether you colour the truth or you speak it out boldly, people wey no go listen,won’t listen

Why not give it out, speak it shamelessly

The truth is sweet, inspiring and it not boring, it shines light in the path of those who are open to receive and some become offended by it

Yours is to speak it out

The fact that people antagonize it doesn’t make it fake, keep saying it, don’t stop saying it… you are a light to the world not a lamp to a room

Light don’t blend with darkness, it shines anyhow


You hear ?

~ S.A

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