How To Attract And Get Anyone To Take Up Your Offer Using One Of The OLD-TESTAMENT PROPHET PERSUASION STRATEGY

If you don’t know this irresistible persuasion strategy am about to show you, there is no way you can do it, you will keep having an issue in the sales aspect of your business

The art of marketing and getting people to take up an offer is one of the most complex aspects of business

You can have a good product, a good office, excellent performing staff’s, e.t.c if you haven’t mastered this strategy

People will keep getting attracted to your offer without buying or taking action and the best way to tackle that is to know, understand and keep using what am about to show you

See!!! I have read and enroll for lots of, all this oyinbo’s books and courses, but the truth is most of those principles don’t work here in Nigeria


You will stay broke for a long time if you want to keep to those oyinbo’s principle

Nigeria market is different
There is a particular mindset that 80% Nigerians operate on, and the only way to smack and penetrate into their heart and get them do whatever you want is to use those Old-Testament Prophet Persuasion Strategy, (they fall for it easily)


Let me tell you a little story before I proceed…

when I was still on campus, I have a friend who is a devoted Christian(as people will say) he goes to every prayer meeting, every ATTRACTIVE and well-arranged concert


So he invites me for a program one day, and since I was less busy that day I went with him,


The main part of the story I want you to grab is this next line

Before we went for the program, in the afternoon when we were in the lecture room

I asked him,

Brother give me some little amount in your hand before we get home


My fada, my lawd


I shouldn’t have ask

My friend told me, don’t I see he has been drinking garri for the past few days, that he didn’t have any money


So, I kept quiet


When we got to the program, everything was glorious, now a call was made by one of the invited Prophet

You won’t believe that My guy was one of the first people that went out to drop the fee

So I smiled and asked him, but why…


He was like brother forget, don’t you hear weting that man dey talk


Now to cut the story short


There is Persuasion trigger, that occurs in that scenario, that made my guy drop that money


The truth is, he himself, can’t even pick out of that money to spend since it has been with him, but one WORD CONDITIONED HIS MIND TO DROP IT


It is not juju, it just a word, but very powerful


No matter how stubborn or stone-hearted a customer can be


If you know and apply this persuasion strategy, even if he or she doesn’t have the money to pay for your product, class, seminar or service he will borrow to pay for it


It works crazily, in fact, that’s of the craziest marketing strategy that works on every Nigerians (they fall for it easily)


Let me pause at this junction, because, the content is already getting too long….


In the second part, I will show you what this Old-Testament Prophet Persuasion Strategy entails and how to use it to sell any product to anyone



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