How To Strategically Position Your Social Media Profile For Customer And Sales Conversion

What am about to share with you, will completely scale up your business sales and customer conversion rate, if you can apply and stick to it

And I know, you will be very curious at this point to know the profile conversion scaling trick, but calm first down, so as to get the main dish.


Are you ready?


Social media has proven to be one of the best tools in the internet marketing space right now, that anyone can take and start using for customer acquisition and make sales


But you will be completely left in the pit of struggle if you don’t have the right strategy, like what am about to share with you.


But Before I start walking you through, how to strategically position your social media profile for sales and customer conversion.


Have you ever imagine why big brands in Nigeria such as- Gtbank, Jumia, Konga and other big brands are always careful about their online perceived value?

If no


Then listen carefully.


No matter how beautiful and valuable your brand product or the service you are rendering can be


If your positioning online is poor (expect little to zero conversion in your marketing )




Peoples action (to buy from you or opt-in to your list) is always intrigued by what they perceive about your business

And that’s what lead me to the first point, on how to strategically position your profile for sale conversion


(1) Control what happens on your social media newsfeed


Never allow anyone to just post or share things on your page, without your consent

This has lot’s of effect on your brand, but you won’t know until the consequence starts showing up

Friends and family members are always funny sometimes

They will just post anything that seems pleasant to them, and tag you or even do the worse by sharing directly to your page.

Some will share jokes

Matters that doesn’t go in line with your brand message e.t.c

All these should be controlled by you

And it very simple

For Facebook just go to your setting


Look for where “Confirm before anything appears on my timeline” is and enable it


The goal is to control what appears on your social media profile and make you have a well-positioned profile page.

If this is done ( your profile has now become a portfolio that attracts customer)


Do you think people who will do business with you are dull?


NO, they are not

Those are some of the things, they check before concluding to do business with you

So control what appears on your page.


(2) Be intentional about the message you share on your profile.


It very funny to see some funny human beings

They will just wake up and share anything that comes to their mind

Never behave that way again (if you’ve always been)

Be conscious about the kind of message you share out

People are watching and listening to you from the back end


Successful brands on social media and other online platforms don’t just share anyhow things


They are always careful about what they share

Because anything they share, portray the image of their brand

Always put it in mind that, anything you share portrays the image of your brand in peoples mind

It either, it impacts people and converts them to a follower I.e (customer or make you sales)




It pollutes their mind (though it might be funny, they might even leave keywords like (Lol, smiles…) but the image you’ve created in their minds remains forever


Now, what should do?

Keep sharing relevant message all day long

Don’t forget CONTENT marketing is all about sharing relevant messages to Educate entertain and inform your audience about your brand message (the word entertain is not only for joke

Note:- Entertain them about your brand message, not about anyhow thing

Do you understand?


(3) Leverage on Expert secrets which is:- Free giveaway or A challenge backed up with price


This is what most influencers on Instagram leverage on, to build a targeted large followers

They know people love free things, even a rich man (but depending on the level)

In short, humanity love anything call FREE

So they leverage on it and make something out of it


And one of the marketing persuasion triggers is:- Social media proof


Imagine two brands selling the same thing you want to buy

One has large followers with lots of interacton on his page every single day

And the other only have 1-5 interaction on his/her page daily

Which one will you go for?

I know you will be very bias at this point


Because what will be ringing in your mind right now is:-


I will go for QUALITY


My dear, it is a lie (if that’s what is in your mind)


In the real world, you will forget that, because your psychological brain will be attracted to that page that has lots followers and interactions, and before you know it, Conversion would have happened (you would have place order, even before looking into the other page)


That’s EMOTION (And that’s how it work)

Now back to you

Leverage on this strategy (I.e Giveaway (you might be doing it constantly maybe (A Friday (just pick a date) in every two weeks)

It, not a must you follow what I highlight above, just look for the best thing that will work for you

Or the challenge part


First, ten people that invite and get their friends and family to your page or audience list will (Insert a price)


People will be invited there self To your page or audience list and before you know it boom(your social media marketing game has skyrocketed)


Any serious person, who doesn’t know you before but by chance come across your page and see all those strategies at work ( am very sure he or she will be interested to do business with you or buy your product )




Because of the first two positioning strategy you’ve put in place ( CONTROLLING WHAT APPEARS ON YOUR NEWSFEED AND BEEN INTENTIONAL ABOUT THE MESSAGE YOU SHARE)


At this junction, I will drop my pen but will leave you with this


Anything you share on your social media profile is portraying an image in your audience mind. and is positioning you for something




Go out and rock your industry with this tips


But before you leave


P.s:- Drop a comment below, that’s the best way of appreciating the writer, don’t just node and leave

~ S.A

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