i brought up an idea last week, and am so happy to see many of us sharing our own opinion on the idea

From the suggestions, Many of us concluded to tag every Friday #MyExpreience

But after a few tweak yesterday night

it will be called #MyExperienceFriday

So to post just put the hashtag #MyExperienceFriday in the header part of your post

You will see how i will do mine today

If you didn’t see the post or you are just joining us here on GreatPreneur Nation

Every Friday, We will all be doing something together here in this community

Now listen….

Since Sunday till this moment, think of one thing that you’ve seen, heard or experience and the lesson you learn from that adventure that can be a great lesson to the members of this community as well

I know you will have many right ?

Now let assume there is also a member in this community who is going through that hurdle you’ve crossed or who might likely experience that thing you experience and you’ve share your own view from that experience

Am sure he will keep blessing you for sharing it out

So if you are just seeing this for the first time starting from next week, document things you experience in the week and the lesson you learnt from it

Once Friday 12:00am or anytime in the morning drop it as a well crafted post here so that everyone can learn

Will also share my own

But today, i will start first by sharing my own

If you fit, You can as well join me in this for today…

~ S.A

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