How To Create A Highly Converting Social Media Marketing Funnel That Turns Cold Followers Into Raving Fans

Do you have an online presence for your offline brand or business

And you have a product you want to sell leveraging on your social media presence


You just want to start building an online presence for your business, but don’t know how to go about it


Look no other place at this moment


Concentrate here and get the secret am about to reveal to you for free


Creating and having a WELL structured social media funnel that brings in customer and sales is one of the thing Most of the entrepreneur in the online marketing game TODAY (Social media marketing precisely ) wave off in their business structure

which make sales and customers also wave them off most time.

But before you finish reading this content, you will understand what social media Funnel is and why it is very important for you to have one, and lastly, you will be handed with formulas and strategies on how to create one for your business.

Let’s dive down straight into the main part now


But Keep this word in the most important part of your heart


“Never look down on what you are to look up to because from there flows what you’ve been struggling for”


The reason why you are struggling to hit your desired target sale’s for the month or year from your social media marketing game is not that you lack the knowledge about what to do.


What you lack is the ability to focus and do those things you are looking down on as unimportant


And one of it is: – Having a solid social media funnel for your brand


At this junction, I know you will be very curious to know the reason why the social media funnel is so important.

You will understand everything in a moment


Having a well defined Business structure that guides on how a business should be run is one of the causes of failure, for most business who startup but crash after 6-12month of starting

Do you agree with that?


Most startup we have today just start

No structure, No bearing on what to do or how to do it e.t.c

And that’s the same problem people have when it comes to marketing


If social media is your main marketing platform

Not having a social media marketing funnel can be likened to a man who is on earth without a vision


I believe you can predict the way such men will handle life?

He/she will just handle life anyhow (I.e Anywhere belle face, anywhere I find myself)

Do you understand?

The reason for having a well structured social media marketing funnel is to


(a) To Have a PROCESS that brings in a constant flow of customer and sales anytime it is been implement

(b) And for accountability (Leads or sales)


Let’s move very fast now


There are Two majors types of social media marketing funnel

(1) Lead generation funnel and

(2) Sales funnel


At this point, I will love to ask you a question and the question goes thus:-

Do you have a constant process for generating or recruiting new leads to your audience list?

If “No”

That means You don’t really want consistent growth for your business and it simply means you are not thinking Long-term


Yes! That’s just the cold truth people don’t love listening to


Even the Almighty in heaven make everything he made through steps and process

In the beginning, God created heaven and earth

That was the first thing he did

Then he started creating all that reside therein

But first and for most, he created a place where those things he has in mind to create will reside

We can liken this to a Funnel (I.e a process )


(1) For social media lead generation funnel:- it’s a laid down process use in attracting, drawing down and finally landing new followers or leads to your audience list

the goal is to generate leads right?

the process involve before achieving the goal is call FUNNEL

I know this might look so complicated but calm down let me break it into down for you


If you are on my audience list or other marketer subscriber list, can you remember how you got to their list?

The process you go through before becoming a valid subscriber is what will call:- Lead generation funnel




All those things that happen along the way, until you become  active on their subscriber list is called ===> LEAD GENERATION FUNNEL


Now with what I highlight above you should have a clue on how you can create a marketing funnel for your brand social media lead generation funnel


But let me show you the framework you can use to create a social media Lead generation funnel

There are two type’s of lead funnel

(1) Automated



You can automate your social media lead generation funnel and as well make it manual (depending on what you love)


But I love and prefer that automation (No much stress)


How to create a social media lead generation funnel


Write out the number of days, week when you will be generating leads in a month


Is it once a month, twice or constantly (i.e every day)


if you can answer that


Sketch out how you will be acquiring those leads


(1) Through advert

(2) content marketing


(3) Giveaways (also known as lead magnet)


Pen it down


The next thing is to know the route they will follow to get to your audience list


Is it by Link (Automation)

Or manually i.e drop down your email or number and I will add you


If it by link (you need to create a landing page where you can direct them to, so as to sign up)


Do you see it very easy to create


(2) Social media Sales funnel:- these are steps or process you take your cold, warm or hot audience through before pitching your product to them


How to create a social media sales funnel that convert cold leads into a raving fan of your brand

I believe you know that people buy from authority and a brand they trust

So, therefore, you need to build your KLT FACTOR


KLT MEANS KNOW, LIKE AND TRUST (i.e make people know your brand using your content, like yuor brand then trust)

Now the question is:-

How do you want to build your klt factor before pitching to them

List all of it out

So simple right?

Yes! That’s it, Most of those things are very simple, you are the one not paying attention to it

Now that you’ve been handed with the keys to crush and scale up the game

The question now is; are you going to use it or dump it

Never forget that no matter the amount of knowledge you’ve acquired in life if the right Action is not applied on it

It will only result in nothing than ZERO raise to power ZERO

No knowledge at all

So go and work on the points I gave to you

But before you leave

P.s:- Drop a comment in the comment section below, that’s the best way of appreciating the writer


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