One of the question a lot of people keep asking me every single day is.

Why and How do you create those EPIC Educative and Engaging content you post and throw out to your audience every day?.

I always answer them by throwing some questions back to them and I will show you those question now.

if you want to set your brand ablaze for domination, visibility, influence, and rake in massive sales before the next section of 2018 ends Content marketing should be your song.

if I may ask you this simple but mighty questions.


How do you INFLUENCE and make people TRUST you to do business with you ?.

How do you EVANGELIZE your brand to the world?

How do you ATTRACT, NURTURE AND RETAIN a customer to your BRAND?

All this can only be achieved through. CONTENT MARKETING


if people do not notice your BRAND or you are noticed but want to scale everything up CONTENT MARKETING SHOULD BE ONE OF THE THINGS YOU SHOULD LOOK INTO.


We have come to an era where thousands of quality information are been dispatched every second on Facebook, blogs e.t.c.

Getting your brand noticed in this ERA requires creating a hypnotic content that will majestically draw thousands of eye ball to your brand.

And That’s some of the things i have demystified for you in my SOCIAL MEDIA CONTENT CREATION BLUEPRINT

These are the tons of valuable things you are going to learn in this blueprint

creating contents that sells like hot bean cake

What is content?

Why you need to create and share content consistently to your target audience on social media

How to identify and know your ideal customers

How to craft contents that command thousands of eyeballs on your brand within 10-15minutes

How to craft a catchy headline for your content that can persuade a dazzling man to read your content without feeling stressed

Types of content

3 Major rules guiding the success of every brand/business

How to design quality graphics/pictures for each of your content on social media.

How to create free content that has the capacity to earn you 50-100k using the hook and net sales strategy.

And it will only cost you the amount of a cup of coffee

Cost:- #2,500

And you will get all these bonuses

(1) Facebook Group client acquisition formula value:- #5,000

(2) Messenger chatbot marketing creation course plus facebook advertisement Value:- #7,000

This course has 12 different videos where I show you how you can create a messenger chatbot from scratch even if you have no idea about programming

And I also go further in this course to demystify facebook ads where I teach you how to use facebook advert to promote your business and command high amount on your product or service

(3) A free 1-hour virtual consultation on how to shoot your business to the next level using the digital marketing tools and marketing strategy Value:- #15,000


Which in total is #27,000 worth of valuable package

But you are getting all this for the amount of a cup of coffee #2,500


But am going to sweeten the deal for you

If you Buy My social media content creation blueprint within now (04/july/2018) to 12:00 midnight on (07/july/2018 ) you are getting it for #1,999

Yes that’s not a typography error

And I know you might be wondering and be surprised why am giving all those things out for such a low price


If you know me before you will know am not about your money

Go to my facebook timeline or read through my blog to see what I have been giving out


And I know you might be wondering if this will not be the same thing as some crap course you’ve bought in the past

If that’s what is in your mind


Am going to give you a solid guarantee now

If you buy this course right now and you follow everything I state inside and you didn’t see any improvement in your business within 30 days of practising all that is stated there

Call my direct line:- 2348168858049 and tell me you didn’t see any improvement and you’ve followed all the things stated inside

Your money will be refunded back to you in double fold

Yes I mean it (A good name is better than wealth and riches ) it, not small amounts like this that make me breakthrough when I was just starting out so it not now that I will start giving crap just because of coffee fee


But you will really thank yourself for investing in this course


Payment method 1

Click this link “PAY NOW” ( ) to use your card to pay online now

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Payment method 2

Pay directly to my Nigeria bank account

Account name:- Adio Joseph Shola

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I will message you within 24hours time and send you the link to get the BOOK AND ALL THE BONUSES will you continue wallowing in that level till this year end again or you will sacrifice that next coffee and invest in what will benefit your life and business today

P.s:- Though I can’t really advise you on the decision you should make but make sure to take the right decision today