How To Track, Record And See Every Activities Your Prospect Or Website Visitors Do On Your Sales Or Presell Page

If you’ve ever run Facebook ads directly to your presell or sales page before you will understand better that one of the key things that makes a campaign successful is to know how or what your audience is doing once they land on your sales or presell

And the only tools Facebook has is “facebook pixel” which does not give us the option to see what is happening  BEHIND THE SCENE i.e. on our page.

you can’t know what your prospective customers are doing on your presell or sales page, no option to see the specific time each and every one of them spends on your page

The only option available is Re-target

And for you to have a successful Facebook ads campaign you need to know and see what your audience is doing so as to know what to change, Hide, show or include in your ads copy or page template


You need to know if they stay longer to read what you have for them or they leave within 2-5 seconds without reading what you have for them

The button and the link they click while on your website

You need to know whether or not they respond to your call-to-action?

You need to know if they stay longer to read what you have for them or they leave within 2-5 seconds without reading what you have for them

You need to know all these things if you don’t want to waste too much fund on facebook ads testing before getting a result


And there is a free tool have been using

And it has really been helpful

The name of the tools is HOTJAR

Go to


All that you need to do now, is to go click on that URL, or copy to your web browser anyway you want it

Then signup for their free account

It is free for lifetime


Tracking and recording website visitors activities on page

Once the registration is successful, sign in to your hot jar account because you will  need to copy a tracking code that will be given by hotjar


All what you need is to install this code on your website <head> section


I will show you how to do that as well

Step 1===> Log into your hotjar account

Look for “Tracking” tab at the top right-hand side of your dashboard

See screenshot below for details but your own won’t be active


Install Hotjar tracking code on your website



Step 2===> It will be inactive (Click the tracking button to get your tracking CODE)

Once you click on it a pop-up will come up just click on copy to clipboard as shown in the screenshot below


Copy hotjar tracking code to your website


Now copy the code and paste inside your notepad



Step 3===> Login to your WordPress admin dashboard then click on Plugin in your dashboard tab

Once you enter the plugin tab click on “ADD NEW” as shown below

Install hotjar tracking code on your wordpress dashboard using insert header and footer plugin


Step 4===>Now place your cursor in the search bar then search for “Insert header and footer”

It will bring out all the plugins related to that keyword or that have the same name with  “Insert header and footer”

Just look for the one that looks like the Plugin marked in the screenshot below


How to intsall header and footer plugin


Step 5===> Once you find it install and activate

Once it is activated >>> Hover your mouse or click on settings then click on Insert header and footer as seen in the screenshot below


Step 6===> Paste the code you copy from HOTJAR in the header section>>> then save


Step 7===> Now go back to>>>>click the tracking tab then click on verification

Now to complete the setup just click on”VERIFY INSTALLATION”

If the hotjar code was installed correctly on your website

You will get a success message


Login to your hotjar account then click on  recording, it will show the IP address, country, time spent on the website and a recording just like a video where you will see how your audience is scrolling through your web pages, you will see the link they click and the buttons they touch on your web-page


what your audience are all doing on your webpae

With this tools, you can easily see what is happening on your web page, know what is working and what to be removed on your presell or sales page without wasting too much funds on Facebook ads testing what works.

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