What You Need To Know About Platforms And How You Can Leverage On Online Platforms For Your Brand Visibility, Growth, And Development

Have you seen a puff-puff seller in your environment before?

If you live in Nigeria I believe you should have seen one, two or let me say many before in your community or bus-stop




Have you ever imagine why this guy stays in commercial bus-stop, or various primary or college bus-stop?

If “NO” I will tell you today

Every business no matter how small or big it is must have its own target audience

And this target audience has a particular environment, a particular platform where they congregate i.e where you can find them


The truth is:- No matter how good your brand product or service is, If you miss this up (Expect zero to nothing in sales/conversion)


Puff-puff sellers simply go to commercial bus-stop and college bus-stop because that’s where their main target audience can be found

You can’t see a puff-puff seller around offices, because that’s not the platform for their main target audience, that why they stay around commercial bus-stop so that they can be catching those workers and little kids going to work or school who might be interested in their product


I believe with this brief explanation you should be able to grab some things about what platform really is?

But let me go deeper into it now


What is a platform?


A platform is a place, environment e.t.c where your audience can be found

Though there might be other definition for platforms outside the business world

But in the business space that’s what a platform is

Once you are able to know who your ideal customers are, the next thing is to know the platform where they can be found


And in the online marketing industry, we have two major type of platform




The Rented platform

Rented platforms are platforms where your ideal customers congregate, it may be FREE OR PAID but you are not the sole owner (i.e. controller of the platform).

so, therefore, there are rules and regulation you must abide with and if you want to enjoy your stay on RENTED PLATFORMS you must duely follow all those rules


These are the various examples of RENTED PLATFORM

(1) Facebook

(2) Instagram

(3) Twitter

(4) Forums e.t.c


Though you have an account with them, but you are not the sole owner and you can be kicked out of those platforms if you go against their rule

But these platforms are gold just put it at the front of your mind that you are not the sole owner

I will show you how to leverage on most of these platforms to make your brand visible to thousands of people as well as generate massive sales but let me explain the SELF-OWNED PLATFORM


How To Gain Clarity About Your Brand Message And The Different Monetization Strategies To Capture Back Value

The self-owned platform


As the name implies (SELF-OWNED) you the sole owner, you can control what happens on this platform, what you want people to see and as well hide stuff from people

So nobody can penalize you for the way you use your platform

And the major example of a self-owned platform is:-

A WordPress website or blog (Like the one you are currently reading from)


So if you don’t have a website or blog before, try and get one for yourself today (it not something costly)

In fact, you can set one up yourself, if you have some technical knowledge but if you don’t


Talk to me using my contact details here===>http://www.sholaadio.com/contact/  I will help you get one up for your business


How to leverage on the various online platforms to increase your brand visibility, growth and also make more sales


I believe by now if you are a constant reader of my blog post you should have know who your ideal customers are?

If no check this blog post to know who they are====>How To Know The Right Set Of Target Audience That Have The Money To Pay For Your Brand/Business Products Or Services

Knowing your ideal customers is the only way to know the right platform where they can be found

Now once you know who they are

If your brand is not a puff-puff selling brand like what I used as an example above I am very sure 40% of your target audience will be on these rented platforms I listed above

In fact, even if you are into puff-puff selling they can also be found on these platforms (but they may not buy such stuff online)

Hope you understand?

So register with one or two of these rented platforms




Pinterest e.t.c

Note: – you don’t need all for now

Once you register with one of them

Upload a nice looking picture, in short, make the page a nice looking one,

write a catchy description about what you do in the bio section, insert your contact details in the contact section, fill the about section and every other relevant section

Now you need to attract your target audience to your page and how can that be done?



Content marketing is a strategic marketing that is aimed at Informing, educating and entertaining your target audience about your brand message and the product or service you offer

Since content is used to inform and educate your prospect about your brand message, products and services and the purpose of this content and how you can leverage on the various online platforms to increase brand visibility, growth and make more sales


Your content is what will attract them to your page (because you really need them)

content can be in form of a text, video or audio

What you are reading right now is an example of a content

Click the link below to read more about content marketing and thank me later


How To Dominate And Rake In Massive Sales From Your Business In The Next Section Of 2018 Through Content Marketing

Once you start pushing out content about your brand or product daily on your page and sharing on other people’s page, groups or profile

A lot of your target audience will start paying attention to your brand and that’s how to increase your brand visibility without spending a dime

Now, Pitching your product or the service you offer will be very easy if you are consistent with it

And you can as well leverage on Facebook or Instagram advert if you want a fast and quick result


But I believe you got value from this little but powerful content

If “yes” let me know in the comment box and if you have any question don’t hesitate to ask in the comment section

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