PART 2====> How To Attract And Get Anyone To Take Up Your Offer Using One Of The OLD-TESTAMENT PROPHET PERSUASION STRATEGY

If you’ve read the first part of this content, this one will make much sense to you, because I will show in full, the Old-Testament Prophet Persuasion strategy am talking about

Something happen in Nigeria around 2015, which was a big blast

It is still fresh, in my brain as am writing this


I was working with a particular BLOCK INDUSTRY THEN (That’s a special story for another day), the truth is, have gone through a lot of stress during the day, so immediately I got back home, I just bath, eat and went straight to bed and it has become a common habit for me, to always lock my door anytime I want to sleep

Now this is the main part

In the mid of the night, while i was still sleeping, Suddenly I was just hearing a hard knock on my room door (i even thought it was a dream) they knock and knock, but I wasn’t answering

So immediately I got back to my conscious state, I opened the door and attend to them

The first thing I heard was so surprising, my mother said,

you better don’t kill me, take this water and go straight to the bathroom now

..As a very sensitive being, I asked what is inside the water

The response was another hit (she told me I already know, don’t question me, it only salt, don’t you hear all what is happening around..)

That was how I take am bath

If you can remember very well (Ebola midnight salt water bath) it was a hit

Now what was the OLD-TESTAMENT PROPHET PERSUASION STRATEGY That was infused in that scenero

(1) FEAR



People fear death or any harmful thing and if you want to kill it, just give them a specific time frame they have, to take up the offer if they don’t want that bad thing (even if they don’t have the money, they will borrow, that is how humanity is programmed )

It, even more, deeper in the scripture, Hezekiah was sick(Isaiah 38:1) (he wasn’t really praying, but immeditaley prophet Isaiah announced to him that he will die(FEAR) the prophet now went further by telling him to put his house in order(URGENCY) that he won’t live

The next thing we heard, was that brother Hezekiah turned his face toward the wall and started praying (Fear and URGENCY )

Those two Persuasion triggers are so powerful….


Those old testament prophets knows how to make a small problem look so big (and that’s what will call PROBLEM AGITATION IN COPY WRITING)

If used properly your audience won’t have any other option than to reach for their ATM and buy)

It very powerful, I used the strategy in my advert copy, in one of the Money making offer I promoted for a client, before we spend #1,000 over 50 people has registered for the free offer


That’s to show you how powerful it his and you can tell if you’ve had an encounter with any old-testament Prophet or your friend


Let me drop my pen at this junction,


But I believe you’ve already LEARNT something great from this series?

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