Some months back [ August 2018 precisely ] i was meditating and looking for a better way I can communicate, impact and influence the world with my brand message and to also reach thousands of people at once

Although have been using facebook and other platforms, they are working fine for me, but Facebook algorithm and some other things are the major limitation, there are some things you can’t put in text, there are some things people wont understand unless you communicate it to them verbally(in audio format or video)

So I started meditating and I got an idea

Ideas and innovation are the result of what you’ve been exposed to

So if you’ve always been exposing your mind to Uncultured and meaningless stuff..

The result of your meditation and the ideas that will flow in your mind we be in that direction

Open up, but always open up to the right stuff

The idea came has a result of what have seen

Have seen people do such stuff but I only know two of them doing it in NIGERIA, only two people, as large as Nigeria is

Infact one is no more doing it…

The idea is to have a live show, not a podcast and the only person I know doing it in Nigeria is @John Obidi

So I check the smartbcamp academy to see if there is a course or content on that

My fada my lawd

It was blank, nothing like that in the academy

The amazing part is, there is no tutorial on that on Google or YouTube

Every video I checked was either not working or didn’t go straight

I spent almost #8,000 on data downloading videos and searching

Brethen, I came back with nothing

Infact At a point I saw some video and article, i was so happy and so full of joy that night, because i think i had gotten the solution

After setting the thing up, i notice it not working

If am to access it from other people’s gadget not everyone will hear me, the only people that can connect with my live radio are people connected to my local PC

It was so sad and so frustrating

And there is no single course on it, I search the internet, nothing like that

This thing am talking about took me weeks and many sleepless night

No result

But my #NOEXCUSE POLICY get me going

The policy states

It either I get it or get it #Noexcuse

But Since have been able to make it work offline on my PC and any PC connected to mine, I picked another direction. And started searching for new keyword “How to make it work online”

The greatest problem a man can have in life is to be ignorant

Knowledge brings awareness, had it been am aware about the right thing to do, it wouldn’t have took me weeks

Chai… ignorance is dangerous

But the crazy policy have stated down for myself will not make me go back or stop

I kept doing my research until I got the next solution which is


Installing the broadcast software on an host so that anyone connected to the Internet can be able to access it

So far you have internet connection you can connect with the live radio

Las Las, I got everything right, set it up, launched it and I was able to start the live show

Yesterday make it the third live episode

But remember it was not gotten easily, sleepless night, used alot of data, i ignore alot of projects because of it

Las las, the Persuasion to make it happen, made me search and put my brain to work, until I figured out the stuff

Had it been there is a course, it wouldn’t have took me so long

That why wisdom is the principal thing


And you need to put this in front of your mind

No matter how hard a thing can be, never stop it

You will surely get an answer to your question, if you keep and stay on it

Never stop it


P.S:- Hope you got value from the piece

~ S.A

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