Immediately I wake up this morning I started thinking about one of the most important lesson I have learnt this week

In the course of my meditation I notice everyday has been a lesson

So as I was about to put my ink on paper, another thing came up which took the whole of my time till it was time for church

So when I got to church, that thought just stump up from my heart again

Guess what ?


Immediately that thought came up, my mind just went straight to the abandon work

But I try as much to caution myself till the end of the service

Immediately we end the service, I picked my pen straight away and started writing this

That why you are reading it lately

Lesson 1- Never rest, delay or relax until your finish whatsoever you wanted to do

I call it “Do or die policy”

It either I do it or won’t move

Had it been I have focus fully on what I wanted to write, this content wouldn’t have Come late

Lesson 2:- One of the principle of success is “COMMITMENT”

Am so committed to the growth of this community, that why I strive and rise everyday committing all I have to the growth.

Commitment is a very important attribute that has to be part of you before you can be great

It just has to be part of you


Although this are not the main thing I want to share before

But I think this is also of great value

~ S.A

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