I Promise to share some of my business weapon to you if we reach 500 members before or on Monday, but i want to start sharing it now

When I was using the method am about to share with you, I was raking in massive traffic as well as sales

Apart from just writing content and posting on social media

To dominate and make your income flows consistently

There are still many things you need to put in a place

Why ?

If you’ve always notice, whenever you write or post content on a particular subject on social media (Facebook or Instagram) after few hours or days the post will not find it way to the top in the algorithm again

And the reason why, is because Social media is just like an ocean where there are millions of fish, thousands of fish are producing a new breed every minute.

In essence thousands of contents are produced every minute

So for you to stay in touch with you audience, dominate and also keep the income Flowing in, you need

(1) A list and

(2) Optimize your business for search engines like Google, Bing e.t.c

If your business is not yet on Google in essence (it can be searched for )

You are still on the other side oooo (you are losing alot)

There are some specific content on my personal blogs that keeps bringing fresh leads into my business everytime and it because my business is on search engine

Now I understand that not all of you have a business website or know about SEO of a thing

But there is always a way around it, even if you don’t have any of those things

How ?

Have been using this for a long time and It has been working wonders

There are some great Nigerians platform that is highly Optimize for search engines

If you post anything on those platform or even comment and someone search for a keyword relating to that post or comment

The post will pop up, if they click on it they will see your post or comment and boom, if you insert your contact details

It likely you close another deal without advertising or pushing any button

Now the platform I use then is:-

Nairaland, Quora and Reddit

These three websites are friends to Google and other search engine

Take for example let say I went ahead to nairaland forum and create a content like

“The best Facebook community for Business owner and Entrepreneur in Nigeria”

Do you know that hundreds of folks if not thousands are searching for that KEYWORD weekly ?

If you don’t know you already know today

People are searching for it

Let say I now create that content and I insert Greatpreneur Nation group link inside

What do you think will happen ?

Simple, everyone that come across that article will always be directed to this community

Imagine hundreds of members that will be joining this community without advertising through that method alone

Now imagine if this is a product or a business and you Optimize it for search engine

Imagine the number of sales or client that will flows in every week without advertising

This has been working for ages and it will keep working for life

Optimize your business for search engine through this method, you will thank me later

P.S==> Do you got value from it ?

If you think your friends and business partners also needs to benefit from this great community INVITE THEM (I WILL APPRECIATE IT)

~ S.A

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