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Are you are a business owner, selling a product or services

or you're into E-commerce business, Network marketing inshort do you sell something whether online or offline e.t.c


If you answer "yes" to that question

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Read till the end, you will be handed with the same secret formula and shown how to replicate it… but you can ignore and jump at your own pearl and end up chasing after the shadows on social media

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....So read with rapt attention

Now follow through...

It was a busy Saturday morning, everywhere was just so busy, people cleaning, washing and doing their daily chores


As a smart man, I was also preparing but my own preparation was on food Lol

Never mind me, am not a foodie… but I love food anyway

My own preparation was on the dining table

I was eating in preparation to bounce on my laptop and push content to my email list subscriber before I fly out of the house for another thing…

Guess what I was eating that very day?
I was mashing a bowl of red oiled beans and bread...

I know you are out of the spirit hearing that last part Lol

But back to the secret formula…
So While I was on the dining table eating… I opened my Facebook app to check what's on the street of Facebook

The first content was not really fascinating to me… so I scrolled to my notification, to check those who need my attention

Luckily for me.. I saw this my rock star name (Chris) who just dropped a content in his community

Have been following him for more than 3-months, so Facebook has made it a constant thing to always notify me anytime he drops a content in his Facebook group
The content headline reads "What's that thing they are all looking for ?"

After 3-paragraph he answers the question, PROFIT

If you are a business owner, you can't deny that fact
Every business is in the game of profit…

But the unanswered question in the heart of every business owner is;

the unanswered question in the heart of every business owner is

How do I make a huge amount of it?


People ask me this question 20x in a month


They love to know how they can increase their business income, monthly revenue and profit, even you or you don't want ?

One major word I tell people is this;

Making huge profit is only possible by selling;

but the problem is, many business owners are yet to master the game of SELLING

Many people are still ignorant, timid, fearful and ashamed to sell…

The secret my rock star share out, gave an insight to what every business owner should be doing to go big.. one of it was what i shared with a young lady in one of my online course that enable her stand on her own without looking back...

If a young lady can pull that up, imagine the crazy result you will specially pull off if you can apply those things



Learning how to sell using the internet, because that's where the world is heading to...

That was how he put it

The second secret is; Get someone to hold your hands to avoid unnecessary mistakes and errors ( this was the two major thing I did that earned me #700,325 thousand in 2month),

And that's same thing I will be showing you;

Over the last two months i have personally trained over 800 students on how to use Facebook ads and 4 other online marketing channels to sell anything to anyone even if they've never meet the person

And I did this for them without seeing anyone of them...

But after taking each of them through the process, it as if a button was activated

And indeed it was activated....

Because 7days after everyone of them completed the lessons in the course

Over 50 of them have shot some testimonies about the great results what i taught them has produced in return

These are what some of them have to say

A happy customer will always talk about your brand whether you ask for it or not




So 800 people can't be wrong, and they all paid for the class

Infact each of them paid #7,500 for the online class

Now imagine how it will be if you are shown all this ONE-ON-ONE

Physically not online oooo


Imagine staying in the-same room with me and 10 other persuaded entrepreneur like you... to learn the 7-figure online marketing strategies
That's what you will be getting on Saturday 18th of may 2019

VENUE:- In Ikeja, the capital city of Lagos state

Now is another opportunity for you to be armed with same skills that can put up to 6 figure and more into your pocket... 

Take a look at what you stand to BENEFIT from this workshop


  • You will learn the hot tank Facebook Advertising strategies to generate sales for your business at the most cheapest price


  • You will be shown the hack to generate targeted leads for your network marketing offer if you are a network marketer

    And you will be shown the hack to get them join you…


  • Instead of burning your fingers and wasting huge funds, I will show you how to convert every money you spend on advert into an investment that will keep producing for you.. Even if you are no more running ads


  • People are always shouting about Facebook payment issue and Mark zuckerberg banning issue…

    Some days back Facebook personally banned my two major advert account.. (Facebook is kinda crazy sometimes) check the image below for the ban notification

After 48hours, it was re-open, everyone that See's it was really surprised because Facebook is crazy once they ban your account, don't disturb yourself it won't be opened

But they re-open mine

They re-open mine

Why ?

Hand has touch hand

The right information and connection

You will be shown the right channel and contact to press whenever you have issue with bro mark (those channels leads straight to Facebook headquarter)

Only few marketers know this in Nigeria ….

Your account will never have issue and even if it has issue, with the secret loophole i will unveil to you, you will know what to do, to solve the issue


You are getting truck load of value that day.. trust me

That not all...

  • Conversion is the combination of the right marketing funnel, target audience, offer and message

  • I will show you that day(18/05/2019) live and direct, how to build a CONVERTING sales funnel

  • Even if you know nothing about sales funnel before, you will get it that day…


  • Creating CONVERTING advert copy is another major problem most business owners don't know

    You will be shown that day


  • Do you know about messenger chatbot ?

    If no; you are lacking behind and it will be a surprise when you finally realize that your business has been thrown behind

    I don't wish that for you; but that's just the bitter cold truth because it already happening but it yet to take effect  (that's what one of my boss will call noiseless effect)

    You need to start using Chatbot if you are not

  • I will give you a bootstrap on messenger chatbot that day

  • Infact I will show you how I setup most of my client sales website, I will also show you where I get my reliable domain name , hosting and how I put everything together till money exchange hands

  • I will show you everything that day… don't worry you have my brain fully for that day…

    Right now, I know you will be wondering if we can cover all this for that day?
  • Infact I will show you every step to setup a CONVERTING advert campaign

    And If time permits us possible we might even setup a couple of campaigns together that day
    And lots more

The workshop will be an 8hours of brain baptism and rewiring inside this cool room  

You can't afford to miss such experience…

My plan is to out the workshop price for  #30,000 because what you are getting is not on the street of YouTube or Google these are personal experience and strategies

But you will be able to secure your slot for the workshop for the price of

Guess what ?

It just a price for a designer round neck polo on Amazon

PRICE- #15,000


Date- Saturday 18th- May- 2019

 Starting Time: 11 am prompt

We are looking for just 50 attendees but if you are lucky to make the first 20... here is a special BONUS for you:

we always have fast action price and bonuses

If you pay before FRIDAY 10th /05/2019

Instead of paying N15,000

You will be paying #7,500

Yes it not a mistake #7,500 it so cheap right ?

And you will be given all this BONUSES totally for FREE



The first 20 people to register for the live event will go home after the event with My secret website for generating hot Ads copy idea Worth Value: N20,000



My CONVERTING landing page builder software Value: N25,000




On My Shoulder 


Access to my one year unlimited Gold Extraction mentorship   Value:  N50,000(per month) X 12(a year) = N600,000




A landing, opt-in and sales page already built template you can always import to your own page to create a page Value: N30,000




For attending this seminar, you get all these bonuses totally FREE without paying any extra fee




It promises to be awesome, don't miss this for anything



Feel free to register for the WORKSHOP via any of the options below

You can register anytime of the day... even at 12.00 am

Bank Deposit, Internet/ATM Transfer/Mobile Money etc 

  STEP 1: Make a deposit/transfer of N7,500 into;
  Bank: Guaranty Trust Bank PLC (GTB)
  Account Name: Adio Joseph Shola
   Account No: 015-768-3560

    STEP 2: After payment, send an email message (not text message. Not phone call please!), containing YOUR NAME, EMAIL ADDRESS, PHONE NUMBER, BANK PAID INTO and DATE OF PAYMENT to:

    As soon as we confirm your payment, we will get back to you the within 27 minutes.

SECURED ATM Card Payment

Works Anytime, Even At 12 Midnight. Secure Order Form - 100% Protected Safe & CBN Approved. You Get Access INSTANTLY. No Waiting Whatsoever!

Upon successful payment,

you'll be registered for the event instantly, no waiting whatsoever.

Shola Adio

P.S. In case you're one of those people (like me, sometimes) who just skip to the end of the letters like this, here's the deal:


I'm doing a physical workshop in ikeja lagos state, where i will be teaching you and other 50 entrepreneurs HOW  YOU CAN CONFIDENTLY DOUBLE YOUR SALES, PROFIT AND CUSTOMER GENERATION RATE IN ANY NICHE WITHIN 30DAYS USING FACEBOOK ADVERT MARKETING come 18th May 2019 and there I shall be exposing everything you need to suceed in business.


If you are still doubting whether you need it or not

My word to you is; There is nobody that needs it rather than you.. Yes you

Because you will be doing your BUSINESS  a great favour attending this workshop

Infact i even forget to tell you about my WhatsApp Sales formula.. You will also be getting that as part of the context of the class

Those who have worked with me and tested some of my class can't be wrong, it a life changing experience.. Trust me

One of them even went on thanking God for paying for the class because she got more than her expectation

Lagos2019 Facebook Advert Marketing  workshop will also be a life changing experience trust me...

Click on this link to secure your slot for just #7,500 before the expiry date

18/05/2019 is a day you will always remember for good trust me..


So, register here now!

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