One of the key secret to live a champions life is to kill this gentle man called procrastination

The reason why alot of people are still where they are today is because of that guy


Some months back I was in conversation with an old man, he is around 70-75 can’t really say precisely, but within that range

He was telling me about this same topic but in a different dimension, he was talking about the reason why alot of people stay broke, poor and frustrated in life

He mentioned that missing and looking down on opportunities is the reason why people stay glued to one level

So he told me a story

He said at a point, they were selling a plot of land in my current area for #10,000 and they were even begging people to buy as at then

But all of them was just smiling… and they all reject the offer

They keep saying we will buy once the area start developing

That was what they were all saying until the area developed till the point that they had no capacity to purchase even half a plot


You have a task to complete and you know, there is nobody that will help out

Instead of complaning and prolonging the matter

Just do it….

Yes just do it…

Nigerians are so talented and so gifted, but were are all those talents

It only end up in grave….

Why ?

Complains and procrastination

To make things happen and achieve masive result

Just do it.. Don’t think too much

Just do…

You want to start a podcast, meet a coach that can give you the basic details on how to start

Once you have the details, don’t stand on it too much

Just start… every other thing will catch up

Hope you got value ?

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