I’ve never been embarrassed publicly like today

Immediately I heard that line, it as if some bunch of heavy load was dropped on my head, I quickly dropped my phone and pay close attention to his words

I asked What happen John ?

He replied, a lady I knew from no where pounce on me today and mess me up with words, just because I wanted to help….

When he finished narrating all his story, I smiled and told him have seen many of them on social media…. Even more worse

Just because you read “There is freedom of speech” and someone offends you

You now felt every flimsy and uncultured words burning inside you can be thrown out on people

I feel so sorry for you… because you are yet to understand that;

The unguarded lips always ends up in the life prison of struggle and lack

Have seen several people on social media bashing and throwing hate words at them self, just because of a single comment or reaction

My friend, move up

GREATNESS does not recognise mediocrity

People who don’t matter in destiny shouldn’t be a concern to you…

For the context of this content to be well understood, I will use the scripture to share more light.…

Ephesians 4:29(MSG) Watch the way you talk. Let nothing foul or dirty come out of your mouth. Say only what helps, each word a gift.

Because LAGBAJA put on the whole armour of ignorance and foolishness and went about throwing and droping words about you, should not be the cause for your reaction…

The Bible says Watch the way you talk

Meaning be concious of every single words that comes out of your mouth…

Have lived with so many folks in the past,most especially when i was still on campus

Folks who tell me that once they are angry, they don’t care about anything again

If the heaven go turn red it should turn

There is just one word for such action

That’s the character of the gutter

The attitude of an untrained servant….

The way to GREATNESS is only opened for people who can breed and guard their tongues consciously…

You friends and family members can confidentially express and get entertained by their ignorance and throw words at you

Your job is to Watch the way you talk….and consciously bring them into reality

Never join or allow those who don’t matter in destiny matters to you….

~ S.A

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