Last year when I was still running my personal brand blog 24/7

I pitched one of my brand services to an international company

Then I still cold message very well…

So I sent a cold message to the company…

The message is alittle bit tricky, I will send my value preposition… then slab it with my blog link..

There is a way I do it.. I don’t just bug them with my link

They have to reply before I proceed with other stuff

To cut the story short, The man that attend to my message told me, they don’t need me…

And since someone like me have been trained to know that any negative answer does not mean am not good

It only mean TRY AGAIN

So I proceed to another contact on the list…

But after 4hours, I saw a message from this same company…

… Hello, We check your portfolio and we notice your service will be needed..

What’s your price for 1000 word article …


That was how it happen..

My blog did the work… but i have invested heavily in the blog

Then I usually spend hours to write quality blog content

Now imagine if I didn’t have something to present

Whenever alot of business owner hear about blog or blogging, they think it for only bloggers and all this entertainment folks

That is where alot of people are missing it

Blogs are not for bloggers alone, it for every business owner leveraging on the internet to propagate their brand message

For business owners

You BLOG FOR BUSINESS… and there is a huge benefit in this

This is the main topic we suppose to treat in our Wednesday masterclass but the class will be postponed till sunday

Before then, I will be droping some contents on this topic

Stay tuned

~ S.A

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