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The New “No-Side Effect” Science Discovery Sugar Level Solution That Reverse Diabetes and Normalizes Blood Sugar, Which Anyone can Use to Repair, Rebuild, Restore and Refuel Beta Cell while They Stay Diabetes Free. Finally Arrives Nigeria’’

…. In the last 4 month Over 2,057 + customers (men and women) with more than 93% positive feedback.

Stops your insulin producing cell from damaging and moderate the rise of blood sugar even before its get too high, 

  Restore Your Pancreas from Clogging Fat and help regulate proper of insulin.

Replacing damage Cell and reduce the risk of Heart diseases in babies born to women with gestational diabetes.  

Zero side effects. No insulin or Any Chinese Tea    

Sold only one Place in the country  

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So That You Can TRY Out This New Stem Cell Therapy Solution That Has Helped Many Nigerians to OVERCOME DIABETES in less than 2 Weeks'   


You Don't Have To keep Living with DIABETES for the rest of your Life. Your Body Can Heal Itself Only If You Can Repair This Miraculous Healing Power In Your Body. Start With This STC 30 PACK Which Contain 6 Mother Cells which is inoculated with herbals extract for fast healing.  



BEFORE I SHOW YOU MORE ON Stem Cell STC 30, Here Is the Little Interesting Thing about me.  

Promise Me You’re Going To Tell Me more About You Later In Our Private Group

Because I Really Love Knowing About My Client  

Hello, Dear…  

This would be the most important webpage you will read this year.


Here is why…. My name is Rachel and I’m 43 years Old.

I’m one of those unlucky individuals whose family history of diabetes is genetic and that’s one of the main reason why I’m so passionate on Health Researching.    

And for the first time I’m sharing secret to my healthy life so you get exactly; the same result I did and stay healthy too.


Is it True That Most husband die before their wives?  


Is it true or is it just a fiction.  

The truth is this, at your own end it might be true but here it is not.  

Imagine me losing my mom at the age of 32, she couldn’t even wait till me and my 2 other siblings finish our Tertiary Intuition.

Not even to talk of missing her presence on my Wedding Day.  

I’m not going to Lie To You, I Miss her Presence that day.  

Although my father was still alive then and he was presence at the event.  

I love my father but I my miss my mother so much.


But right now I miss both of them (May their Soul rest in Perfect Peace..)  

Now, imagine this scenario.    

What if anytime you wake up in the morning to check your Blood Sugar Level, it falls within EXCELLENT range.  

Not only that… The Sugar Level reading will be so stable that you can eat just about anything.  And also when compared with other diabetic of your age, they can’t help but ask “what they’re doing wrong’? 


Sounds too good to be true right?  

You’re right,

Just like yesterday, I could still remember one of my beautiful moments.

It was my 25 years old Son Convocation.  


He just finished from UNIBEN from department of Statistics. So his dad makes an arrangement for the entire family and with little family friends to celebrate with him, so we are 11 all together and we travel down to UNIBEN from Ogun state. On getting to the school environment I could see other parents also celebrating with their family…                                               

Oh My God, I was so excited!  


It’s always the prayer of every parent to witness days like this in their life. And haven’t I lose my mum at a very young age I know how it feels.  

At this point in my life i wasn't just happy it was my son convocation day, I also wished if there is an next-life then Shola  will be my husband again.  

Thinking of the stress and burden i would put him through nearly made me give up.  

But he never gave up on me;

Recovering from this malignant disease called Diabetes made me realize that when the Root cause of certain ailment are discovered on time, it can be reversed and aftermath prevented…  

Stay with me, I will break it down;  

In my opinion I will say people don’t know the Root cause of Diabetes and they shy away from monitoring their sugar level, because one would think the knowledge of diabetes is the end of Eating sweet things, 

‘’Diabetes”, a serious metabolic disease which is characterized by high blood sugar levels that result from defects in insulin secretion cell known as beta cell, and can also be avoided if preventive measures are put in place…  

This simple discovery made me understand; the reason we have high cases of diabetes patients at old age is because we ignore to know this ONE Thing.  

Sugar doesn't cause diabetes. And In Fact Our Body needs sugar to survive.  

Sugar is the energy source for Cell in our body to function well.  

Stay with me, I will tell you why because I’ve been in your shoes;  


If you will like to end Diabetes once and for all, live healthy without wasting your hard eared money on drugs and insulin this Science Proofed information is for you.

Within your pancreas there are these cells called Beta Cells (β-cells). These are the cells that produce insulin. 


Normally, these cells produce insulin continuously, raising their output in response to the increase in blood sugar that occurs after you eat.

So this cell life on the sugar you consume.  

As mentioned above, when we ingest all the poisonous foods which makes pancreas  to be cloggy and cause the blood to turn acidic, then Beta Cells will start malfunctioning and unable to do their work correctly… which can influence type 2 diabetes in some people.

Of course excess intake of carbohydrate increases cloggy fat in pancreas and a greater chance of diabetes…  


How I was able to Reverse My Diabetes ;   

It started with signs of frequent urination and intense thirst and hunger.

Pregnant Again! I hurriedly ran a pregnancy home test and it was negative.I didn’t have a slight feel it could be diabetes until one morning when I took out my pant to wash from the basket and saw ants clustered on it. 


I dropped it in fear! and when I rushed to my bathroom to put it in a separate bucket, they were ants on the sit of the toilet.Putting one or two together, I remembered I had drop of urine on me earlier that morning when I came to ease myself and because I was in a haste to change over to a new panties… forgot to flush off or clean the sit of my urine.  

When I got to the hospital, I was diagnosed of Diabetes Type 2… I was just 38.

How can, I mean is this even possible? To worsen my fear i stumbled on the news below

The doctor said my body does not produce enough insulin for proper function, and you re lucky it’s still at the early stage…  

I hope it was that easy. He gave me some drugs; but above all he advised try and eat healthily, be physically active, and test your blood sugar level.

This will help control your blood glucose levels. From that day I became more careful about what I eat…that includes my family and I. and here is the good part, on one afternoon my friend shared a video post on facebook, the video is from CNN showing  

When barrack Obama was still the president of US he pumped huge amount of Tax money into the research of Stem cell.  

And this stem cell research turns out to have helped tens and thousands of people in USA to reverse their Diabetic problem till date.  

When I was searching about stem cell I get to know that there is only 2 ways to use stem cell therapy to reverse diabetes problem and I’m going to tell you this 2 ways right now on this page.  

Here are the 2 ways to use Stem Cell Therapy to solve Any Type of Diabetes problem.  

Option 1; By surgical transplanting, I’m not going to Lie to You i have no much knowledge about this although I’m a health expert but i don’t really know much on this only that when I emailed just few hospital that are specialized on this I get to know that they charge $1,560 per surgical transplanting with a booking fee of $360 minus visa payment and all other expenses. But a friend told me that it’s at least very cheap in India compare to that of abroad. But why will i need to worry about that since i already know of other effective option that work for me and more that 1000plus counting in Nigeria with over 2 million in all over the world.     


Option 2; By Using Original Stem Cell Supplement. This one is just like you taking your normal glucose sachet you don’t to start boiling water or looking for any other material. And the only difference between the surgical transplanting and the supplement stem cell is that instead of you waiting for 2 weeks for you to see full result when you use supplement stem cell , it will takes just 1 week to see result if it is surgical.   


Also supplement stem cell is by Oral taking while surgical transplanting is by operating. They both work effectively without any problem because this is not a drug this is Stem Cell, since every human being are made up of cell that’s why it works so well.  And  that’s all.    


When I get to know that It will  cost me and my entire family huge amount of money for me  to travel abroad for stem cell transplanting, at this point I feel like giving up on this stem cell of a thing because there is no where I alone can get that millions of naira from and I don’t to be a burden for my hubby.  

So, something happen    

Mr. quadri who happens to be my husband business partner and based in US tell us about a company in US, this company don’t do any other thing rather than culturing Stem Cell. They find a way to produce stem cell supplement and they have helped more than millions of people in the US in Reversing their diabetes and they are in only 3 countries in the world.    


But then there is no harm in trying… So my husband contacted Mr. quadri in US he explain my situation to him and he asked him if there is away he can get us Stem Cell supplement that specifically Reverse diabetes and it took him close to 7 weeks to get back to us.  

And in just “1 month” of consistent use, my blood level was not just normal, it became stable.  

All I need to do is for me  to take just one sachet of this STC30 out of the bag, open my mouth then pour this Stem cell under my tongue  only in the morning for 6 days… and that’s all.  

No need of boiling any water or any other thing.  


Simple Right?


After taking this for a week believe me I know that God is wonderful and I can feel it plus my glucose meter can show me the result, diabetes is not a kind of diseases that you can hide or that anyone can just sell you shit that doesn’t work. Anything you do your glucose meter will read it. Although this product It’s not cheap, but it works!!  


After I finish using the first week pack I my hubby have to call Mr. Quadri and thank him for Allowing God to use him to solve my problem he also ask him if there is a way we can get more of this product. We get to know that this company don’t want to sell to their to Africans due to high level of piracy unless if we can agree on terms and conditions. I and my husband we sign the agreement letter.

At first it wasn’t easy to keep to their agreement but we later did.


The agreement is that we shouldn’t increase the price of their product but they will be giving us rebirth, Also they can only send us 2,650 packs every other 5month.


It wasn’t easy at first, most especially the first 2 weeks of us starting we suffer people don’t trust the effectiveness of this product so we agree to give out just 10 packs  then we gave 20 pack out to some hospitals so they pay us after seeing result.  

And after all this people started rushing the product, then one of my friend who happens to be Digital marketer advice us to make use of internet to reach out to more people and after the one month we sold more than 930packs and right now this month is our 3rd month and we have helped more than 2,057 Nigerians and even right now we don’t beg people to trust us again   Lol.  


Why I’m I telling you all this:  

Is for you to know that this is not just any how product we are Team, plus I’m also using this moment to tell you right now that if you will like to join us inside and also start getting that same result then you will need to act so fast because we don’t have much In stock again and due to people getting to know more of this product it will finish so soon and the moment it finish this time you will have to wait for another 3 month., go ahead and join us now! And be amongst the 2,057 Nigerians who share testimonies of their Amazing results..   

Imagine the much you will have to save, if you can be able to control diabetes at an early stage…  

All you need to do is to place your order; we are going to be the one to pay for the shipping fee.  

No need to border, once you place your order, we would package your product and bring to your door steps at no extra cost…                                             

Shipping is absolutely free if you order now.  

Plus you also have the chance to join our Private Group for Free once you order, this is not a just a product we are in this together.   Will this be a Good Investment for your health? Just check if this can solve your diabetes problem, and then decide…the choice is all yours darling.  

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