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Get my Custom Settings & Tweaks for WordPress, GeneratePress & Elementor

I’ll send you the settings and extra code I put in place in ALL my GeneratePress + Elementor projects, for optimal performance.

3 really easy-to-follow videos plus step-by-step written instructions.

What Do These Custom Settings Do?

My extra settings, tweaks and customisations make everything work together optimally, automating various layout issues so you don’t have to worry about it.

1. Consistent Layout

Make sure that any layouts created by either GP or Elementor are always in line with each other and always have the same gaps between columns.

2. Consistent Breathing Room on Mobile

Creates nice consistent spacing at the edges of the screen on mobile—whether that particular part of the page layout is made by GP or Elementor.

3. Fix for How Elementor Creates Column Gaps

If you leave things as the default, you can often end up with layouts that don’t align properly with other elements of your designs.