How To Strategically Acquire Tons Of Customers And Make Sales Consistently Online Using These 4 Content Marketing Pathways

The challenges lots of entrepreneur’s face today is embedded in this two long tail keyword HOW TO GET CUSTOMER TO PATRONISE, HOW TO SELL


And it’s a pity that most people always get stuck and sink in this area as a result of one thing “SHORTCUT”


Everyone loves shortcut right? Even me, but most shortcuts are dangerous and they always turn to become a long cut at the end

Before I proceed, let me give you a quick shook, this content will never help you if you are the type, looking for a miracle shortcut to acquire customers and make sales


What am about to share with you is the real dish, it going to open your eyes to the right thing to do in other to Acquire and make sales consistently online, but you got to work your ass off


If you are ready


Continue reading, but if not, PULL OFF NOW

Although thousands of things have been said about content marketing, in fact, I even wrote a Book on it, but there are still some holes people are yet to covered

Everyone now knows that content is a king, and that content marketing is the main way out to have a solid brand online

Now the question is; what approach are you using in positioning that king called CONTENT

Or you are also doing the follow-follow train


Don’t forget that the foundation of everything is very important, because if the foundation be destroyed the righteous will lose and have nothing to say

There are 4 content marketing pathways that will set you on the throne of constant customer or sales inflow but you have to duly follow the 4, time to time

The first pathway is known as



I know you will hiss, follow me, you will be glad you did

Content creation is not all about crafting jokes or showing what you just finish eating or the normal things you see around, if you are really serious to ACQUIRE customer/clients online

You need to take this serious

Create a template for content creation

Learn how to write quality contents

Do it consistently (Not once in a week or twice in a month, consistently, and make sure they are RELEVANT CONTENTS)


Don’t chase people away with your buy this buy that, there is a time to sell and there is a time to impact

Recognize the two seasons and use it wisely

In my next blog post, I will go in-depth into this,


The second content marketing pathway to strategically acquire customer and make sales is:



Some brand owners who produce good and relevant contents every time are poor in this area

Because you hear people say, create content consistently does not mean you should create content that people won’t read

Promote and distribute all that quality content across the media, there might be someone in another platform you are not focusing on that needs your content

Create content and at the same time, promote and distribute it (VERY IMPORTANT)

The number of contents you’ve produced does not matter, if nobody is reading, you are only communicating with yourself and it will never help

So, therefore, distribute your contents (I will give you more details about this in my upcoming blog post)


This is the main part of it


I know you go shine your face wella for this part

Have seen a situation where someone creates content consistently, but whenever he pitches an offer, everyone will run

Now the fault is still from him


I know you will ask me why

The reason why is because he has miss NUMBER 1 AND HE IS  STILL NOT PAYING ATTENTION TO NUMBER 2

Number 1 (Content creation- WHO I.e. (TARGET AUDIENCE)

Number 2 (Content distribution- NEW TARGET AUDIENCE ACQUISITION)

You can’t miss the first two and expect something to happen in the third pathway

Get the first two right, the result will show up in the MONETIZATION PART

But am still going to show you some powerful monetization techniques in my upcoming blog post

The last content marketing pathway is:


As a professional content marketer, content maintenance should be part of your system, learn how to go back to old posts, edit and add to it and make it more palatable

What you said yesterday might change today or tomorrow, don’t leave your old content just like that

Go back, re-edit and update your information (that’s how it works)

I will expatiate on all these pathways in my upcoming contents

Stay tuned for it

But before you go, Do you learn something valuable from this content?

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