How To Remotely Control Your Webinar, Seminar Or Training Class Power-point Presentation From Your Smartphone

The Tech keep advancing every day, making things easier and more comfortable than before


if you are in this 21st century and you are not advancing in your use of apps, software and everything pertaining to technology, then you are on your own ooo (OYO), Because most of those productivity apps are available at your pearl and most of them are free


Don’t just settle for the less, on one app, new and more advanced apps are been released every day that can even help you achieve greater things than the one you are blushing on ( i tell you)

I was watching ( Frank Kern) video on my PC some months back if you don’t know who Frank Kern his


He is a marketer (shikenna)


so in the video, he was on a big stage teaching thousands of people, he was walking around the hall, and at the same time controlling his slides from a remote in his hand


I was really fascinated by what I saw, not knowing one can even achieve the same thing using a smartphone


what I talked about in this video will be a great benefit to you if you are into coaching, or you are thought leader, or you teach in class


so watch the video and let me know if you got value from it


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