How To Position Yourself As An Authority, Grow Influence And Generate Massive Sales From Your Produc/Services Even If No one Know You

It is not new that people love to deal and relate with experts

So if you are a business owner and you don’t position yourself as an expert there is no doubt in it that your sales conversion will suffer it

You may view and see yourself as an expert but do you make your target audience see so

Seeing yourself as an expert doesn’t count if your target audience can perceive that

What people perceive about you really matters when it comes to business, the truth is if you should have 100 customers out of those 100 customers, 80 will buy your product base on what they perceive about the product and You the creator

What am about to hand over to you will show you how you can project and position yourself as an authority and expert in your field even if nobody knows you there before?


Normally people won’t teach you stuffs like this FREE because most people realize and got this in a hard way, in fact, it took me almost 12 months before I realize this also


That is why you will need to really pay attention and read this content carefully line by line.


Okay, are you ready?


Let’s do it now

There are three things that come along when people start viewing you as an expert

(1) You will be influential because there will be talks about you, customers will refer their family, friends, and relatives to you

(2) And you will generate more sales from the product or service you’re offering


Put this at the front not back of your mind ( Once you start solving peoples problem FREELY ) gbam the thing will blow up

And there is a formula for that

That’s what I call the ACT OF CONTENT MARKETING

Content marketing is not about sharing all sort of things on your business page, social media timelines e.t.c as some people do

It about giving out valuable content either through text audio or video to your target audience in other to Educate, Announce and Position your Brand/business in the industry

Wait! Why do student respect and give regard to their lecturers or teachers in school?


The lecturer or teacher is educating the student about something they don’t know

And anything you don’t know is a PROBLEM that needs to be solved

So once you are educating your audience about something they don’t know i.e helping them solve a problem

They will consider and start perceiving, viewing you as an authority and expert in that industry

Are you still with me?

So Educating your audiences is what brings Authority and position you as an expert

As far as you start educating your audience

You can go on and pitch your product/service to them once you see they’ve fallen in love with your brand

Do you see how simple it is?

I know your problem NOW might be the part where I mentioned CONTENT MARKETING

If you don’t know how to craft a quality content that can expose and announce your brand to the world let me know in the comment box below

its something you can learn and know on your own

And if you are the type that is very busy with alot of stuff in your business and you don’t have the time to learn it,


Before you go, i know this content have helped you in one way or the other am i right ?

Do me a favor by sharing it to your followers or people in your friend list, but don’t leave without commenting(smiles…)

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