How To Pitch Your BRAND/BUSINESS To Your Prospect Customer Like An Expert | Pro Using The Elevator Pitch Formula

Do you know that one major word can change the way your prospect perceive your brand and command value for the product or service you offer in a way that they won’t price your product/service anyhow?

The way you present yourself determines the way people are going to view or respect you

Always put it in your mind that “YOUR PERCEPTION IS YOUR REALITY”

You can’t perceive and present what you offer in a poor manner and expect people to pay a huge sum of money or respect the product/service

What am about to show you will increase your brand, product and service value and make people pay for that HIGH price product/service they’ve always complain about before

the truth I need to tell you before I proceed is this; people are not intrigued by the value you poured out in your product

what usually fascinate people to invest that high amount of money on your product or service is the way they perceive it

If they perceive nothing, then know that you will get nothing

Am always confused Whenever I meet new business folks


once you ask them questions like what do you do?

Most people will tell you, am an entrepreneur, am a thought leader, the style I use whenever I meet people like that is to ask them 3 times

what do you do?

once I ask the second time they will feel somehow and most of them will still say I am an entrepreneur

But rather than leaving them that way I always try to come to the level where we can understand each other and learn.

Once I discover they are repeating the same thing I surely know they don’t know it not good, what I do is to ask them what business they do

it is sad and very embarrassing to your brand/business if people ask you what you stand for and you are voicing things like

Am an entrepreneur

Am a digital marketer

Am a fashion designer

Am a graphics designer

Am a thought leader

[stextbox id=’note’ defcaption=”true” collapsing=”false” collapsed=”false” mode=’css’ shadow=”false” image=’null’]Rather than voicing out TITLES that won’t benefit you nor your PROSPECT why not employ the elevator formula am about to show you in a short moment[/stextbox]

That way people will perceive you as an expert and a pro in what you do and you can easily put a balance and profitable price tag on your offer

You should know what elevator is even if you’ve never been on it before somehow or somewhere someone would have shared his or her experience with you about an elevator

Some people will call it LIFT


An elevator or lift is a vertical transport vehicle that efficiently moves people or goods between floors of a building.

if you’ve been to, tall buildings or international airport you should find an elevator there

Now imagine you are on an elevator in a building and it will take 5 or 10 seconds to get to the next floor and somehow the person in the elevator together with you, ask about what you do and you only have that 10 seconds to tell him/her what you do in other to convince him to buy into your business and get your contact

Will you start telling him/her stories and titles or go do the necessary by employing the ELEVATOR PITCH FORMULA

you don’t need to start saying I am this, I am that all you need to do is to pitch the problem you brand/business is solving in an advanced way that will make the person

And to do that am going to give you a framework you can use to craft your pitch message out


( I/WE ) ACTION WORD ( help, teach, consult, promote, coach, train e.t.c )

The next thing that will follow is

( WHO ARE YOUR IDEAL CUSTOMER ) Entrepreneur, brand/business owner, thought leaders, coaches, writer, freelancer, stay at home mum e.t.c

this is where the real deal is ( and that the reason why it good for you to know who your ideal customer his so that you can know what they really want)

(WHAT THEY WANT) build influence and authority, increase profit, sell product massively, market business online e.t.c

( THE SOLUTION YOUR BRAND/BUSINESS IS OFFERING ) Learn a fast and proven way to, discover the step by step, uncover the secret, create the perfect solution, position themselves, locate where their customer is so that they can start e.t.c

the last but not the least

(SO THAT THEY CAN==> LIST BENEFITS ) Earn and be profitable, profit from their business online, sell to thousands of customer, become an authority and also earn e.t.c

Now let’s turn it into an elevator pitching message

I help entrepreneur, thought leaders and business owners in different industry and works of life to gain clarity about their message, build influence and authority ONLINE using the digital media, social media and creating different marketing strategy so that they can instantly generate more leads, attract more clients, impact more lives with their message, product or service and make more money than they have ever made before.

Looking at this pitching message does it makes sense?

I don’t know but the blunt and blank answer to that question is; it is professional and what am communicating out using the message is clear and concise

Anyone that sees this will surely know am an expert in what I do

Now don’t wait till tomorrow follow the exact framework I lay down in this content to create yours now

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My business is to help you and other entrepreneur/business people, thought leaders in different industry to gain clarity, influence and authority and earn massively in your field of work using digital-media, different marketing strategy and social media You can connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn

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