How To Know The Right Set Of Target Audience That Have The Money To Pay For Your Brand/Business Products Or Services

If 100 businessmen are gathered together TODAY it will be hard for us to see 10 out of those 100 that will be able to give the right answer to this question.

And what is the question


Out of this 100 people, I am sure 80 of them will say “EVERYONE IS MY AUDIENCE”

Which is a big fat lie

And you know that (Everyone can’t be interested in what you are offering)

See! The best way to have an unsuccessful marketing campaign is to think EVERYONE IS YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE?

Wait before I show you the answer to that question

Can you answer it?

If No

Then you really need to pay attention to this content because no matter how solid, good and beautiful your product is if your targeting is wrong

There is 100% probability that you will only make zero or little sales

Yes you heard me right

Take for example


You give a blind man a smartphone and you expect him to appreciate it

Which kind appreciation (Lol) since he doesn’t know how valuable and important the product you gave him is

But give a man that is educated and hustling but does not have a phone, 2months from that time he will keep appreciating you and calling you sir/ma everytime he sees you

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The same thing applies when it comes to TARGETING

you may have a solid brand logo, good products or services but, if your targeting is wrong, there won’t be any conversion in the products or service you are pitching out

because you are showing the right product to a wrong audience


Take a look at this other example


There are two categories of people

the first set of people have been in a cool environment for the whole day, and they need a water to drink, but they are in a cool environment


Wrong target audience

And the second set of people have been working tirelessly under a hot sun

they also need water to drink but can’t find a water seller since they’ve been working under the sun



And you have a cooler full with chill cold water

Among this two set of people who do you think will take your product more serious?

Am sure it the second set of people who have been inside a hot sun right?


Even if you call a bottle or sachet #400 or #200 they will surely buy

Do you understand that example?


that’s to show you, how a target audience can affect your profit margin Positively and negatively.


That the reason why you need to pay attention to this targeting part so as to have a positive result

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Have you ever watch Americans movie, where policemen are looking for a criminal or a suspect

you will notice they always have the file of who they are looking for i.e  (THEIR TARGET)

And the file will contain the name of the target, location, picture e.t.c

Note:- Am not a police officer ooo (LOL) neither is any of my family into the military( though the military is good i also observe and learn it from those movies)


you understand?


So you need to have the full information about your target audience before you can have a successful marketing campaign i.e (KNOW WHO THEY ARE)

And some of the things you need to know about them are listed below

( 1) Geographical information of your audiences

(2) Demographic information

(3) Psychological information.


We usually call this process CREATING CUSTOMER AVATAR

Take a look at the image below that’s a customer Avatar for a brand product


Note:- it something you can do within 1-hour to 2 hours all what you need are your

(1) jotter

(2) a little knowledge about them

(3)google and

(4) your brain

So get a jotting note and let’s continue


Write a headline and put something like this:- “CUSTOMER AVATAR FOR ( YOUR BRAND OR PRODUCT NAME)”

Now first list The Demography information of your audience out

(a) Gender

(b) Relationship status

(c) Age

(d) The income he/she earns monthly or weekly (if you have a product worth of #20,000 you can’t target a student that is still scoping mum and dad at home for pocket money or handout level

That why you need to know there income rate and how can you know it:-

Their age will determine that (that’s for the basic targeting)

(e) A business owner, worker, or student

(f) Educational background (Highly Educated (Universities) or little (College or Grade)

The Geographical information:-

Location where most of your audience live i.e. COUNTRY>>> STATE>>>CITY OR LOCAL GOVERNMENT where they reside

Psychological information

(a) What entertains or excite them the most

(b) The main problem they are facing and the pain point

(c) what is disturbing them and making them have a sleepless night

(d) How desperate are they to solve this problem

(e) where do they go often or what platform (online or offline do most of them congregate)


Note:- by pain point I mean what part of the problem affect your audience a lot)

Now Let’s say I am selling a drug that helps people with ear infection solve their problems


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The fact that the drug is solving an ear infection problem does not mean they will buy, but if you can attack them from the most powerful pain point, they will surely surrender and buy your product

And what’s the pain point for this kind of product

though there are many pain points, the one I highlighted below is one of the most powerful pain point from my own view


Are you catching what am saying?

If you can list all the information about your target audience out, you get a kudos from me

the next thing is to go to the platform where they congregate and place your brand message in front of them

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But before you go


it will work wonders for you if you can use it as stated

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Hope to see you soon

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