How To Easily Fund Your Facebook Advert Account Without Feeling Frustrated With Card Declination Issue

Are you a business owner and you’ve been hearing about Facebook advert in the four corners of the web space and you’ve make an attempt to try it out, but Facebook knack there hammer of card declination on you ?

So you are discouraged and feel frustrated after trying different bank cards you own but all didn’t work out ?

Do you know there are 4 solid payment method you can use on your Facebook advert account without stressing yourself to those banks Facebook accept there cards. ?

If this is you, and you are still rambling in the dilemma of card declination, then you need to continue reading.

One of the major problem every new and old advertiser in Nigeria face using Facebook ads is card declination, and it has make alot of people loose hope on Facebook ads since they didn’t accept there card.

Any way let me renew your hope today (Lol)

But understand this first; Facebook keeps advancing and changing there terms and policy every time, if you’ve been using or you just wanted start using Facebook for your business and you are not

following them in that trend definitely you will need to pack your loads to other platforms.

You won’t believe the same gtbank card have used on my ads account before, was rejected on other person account.

That means something has changed, either from Facebook or gtbank that make them not to accept it.

For that reason we can’t quit or stay back without advertising, we need to move on to other payments methods

And this other payment methods are what alot of people are not aware of, that make them quit on the way.

The first payment method on every Facebook ads account is:-

(1) Bank card

If Facebook did not accept your Nigeria bank card, don’t worry i have other options for you

ALAT CARD by wema bank



Alat is the no1 Digital bank in Nigeria, by that i mean they don’t have any branch you can visit to deposit or withdraw.

Everything is done online, isn’t that easy and more comfortable than all this Nigeria banks.

There atm cards works greatly on Facebook ads account, And when you request for there atm card, it arrives to your destination in 2-5 days time and everything is done online both requesting and

activation of the card.

What you need to do now is to download there APP from google play store or go to there website to create an account, creating an account and requesting for there card is totally FREE


Do you hear me very well ? It is totally FREE, all you need to do is to create an account, then fund it with #500 so as to make your account active


And after creating the account and you’ve submitted the required documents, you can proceed to request for their Physical atm card.

the sweetest part of it is that you can also create a dollar virtual card, which you can also use for Facebook ads account, but i haven’t try that out on Facebook ads

i only use the physical card for Facebook ads.

The second bank card option to use if all Nigeria bank card is not working for you is:-

Getbarter virtual card



this one is also a virtual card you can create in 5-10 minutes and start using to purchase, pay for item anywhere online

Go to==>

But you need to create an account with them before you can create a virtual card, and creating an account with them is FREE Z

with this two card at your disposal Facebook can not do any how to you again, if they decline one, use another one but, the good news is that this two cards are accepted.

The third payment method you can use for Facebook ads is to FUND YOUR ADS ACCOUNT


But this method is risky and i don’t like it as well because if Facebook should deactivate or disable your account today “your money is gone oooo”

But if you obey there rules and terms of policy they shouldn’t disable or deactivate your ads account.

just go to==>> Payment settings in your ads manager then pick “NAIRA PAYMENT WITH MASTERCARD/VISA” and follow the procedures respectively.

The last option i have for you in this content is:-  PAYU

if you don’t know what payU is, payU is a payment gateway that allows Nigerians to advertise on Facebook by paying on your behave

All What you need to do is to fund your payU account using your naira cards and everything will run smoothly.

Go to your Facebook ads manager then click on payment>>>select PAYU>>>> Continue with the other options until you fund your account

Do you now see there is no quieting or going back because Facebook decline your card, there are many other options to use and part of it is what i just show you above.

Go on and start enjoying yourself

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