How To Create A Powerful Irresistible Offer To Sell Your Product Massively

The danger behind not having an offer that is irresistible is almost the same has to when you don’t get your targeting right

People are always ready to buy or pay for whatever you are offering, but you must also know how to position and package your offer in such a way they can’t resist when they set their eye on it…. That’s the only trick to get them buy

Before I proceed, you need to understand something very important

Irresistible offer are in two part

And these two are majorly controlled by their Intrinsic and perceived value

You will understand

(1) Low price offer with great value… [Intrinsic value]

E.g Iya bola canteen

Iya bola sells her food for as low as #200 per plate with one meat

That’s a low price offer which contains a great value

Hope you get that ?

The second is

(2) High price offer with good and catchy value [Intrinsic and perceived value]

E.g Bro Thomas Restaurant

Bro Thomas sells his package for #1500 per plate with a chicken

That’s a high priced offer with great value as well

Now this is the part you need to get right

Everyone love to sell high priced offer, because the profit is always high but only few people understand the game, that why many people end up begging their customer before they buy or even reduce the price

If you’re selling a high price offer, and you don’t want to struggle to makes sales…

Never sell your stuff ordinarily, the way others do

Yes you will understand better

package and position that product in an extra ordinary manner (your perceived and Intrinsic value really matters alot)

Let me explain better to you using an irresistible offer

There is this brand in my area….

They deal with encoding and decoding of satellite dish

Such as Dstv dish and all other satellites dishes

A very powerful irresistible pitch was placed in front of their office

Which says :-

FREE OFFER!!!! Buy any satellite dish of your choice from us today and get our experts install it for you totally for FREE and setup everything you need and you also get 6-month full support from us

Looking at this pitch and the ones have always seen around

The different is so wide….

No other shop has that kind of magnetic pitch

Their Intrinsic value is on point (buy 1, you get experts install it for you for free and you also get 6-month support)

And they have a good perceived value (their office and their staff, they are all professionals)

Humanly speaking everyone will surely be interested in such offer and they will select that offer over every other offer

Now one of the way to come out with a powerful irresistible offer is by leveraging on your audience desire, problem , sense of entitlement, pricing, bonuses, guarantee and proof

For better understanding, Let me use my niche as an example

Online marketing

A low priced irresistible offer


Newcomers who desire to learn one or two thing about online marketing usually love an offer I call


In essence 1-box means a coaching class or course or training that will show them the combination of 2 to 3 different subjects

Something like the combination of

Social media marketing

Content marketing

Web designing In one course

Let say i decided to pitch an offer that contains different course they need and will properly show them all those things at a more cheaper price compare to buying those course one after the other…

Do you think it will sell or not?

It will definitely sell

Because they’ve always desire to have all those things in one pack + the combination of a cheaper price I applied

Do you see how it works ?

What will make your own offer irresistible might be your perceived value just like the example I share some hours ago

Know your product, know your audience and know what make them tick

That’s just the way out…

In conclusion

Always strive to create and use a well craft irresistible offer for every of your promotion/advert

It’s one of the strategy i always apply in facebook advert and marketing, that makes most of the products I advertise converts

~ S.A

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