How To Build A List Of Valid Subscriber, Generate More Profit/Sales For Your Business Using Messenger Chatbot

There is a common saying in the online marketing business that “Money is in the list”

Yes that’s true

But it doesn’t apply to the online marketing business industry alone

it applies to anything call business


A wise businessman or woman always have the contact details of all his/her customers in a list so as to be able to retarget them, thank them for choosing his brand, send them a message in case of any promo or discount days.


Doing business in this 21st century without having your customer contacts in a list is the old fashioned method

You need to understand that Customers are willing to buy more from you, but it won’t just happen until you apply one of the PRINCIPLE TO HAVE A SUCCESSFUL BUSINESS on them which is BUILDING RAPPORT AND RELATIONSHIP WITH THEM


I want you to do something for me really quick Picture and Imagine yourself as a customer to other business

Which am sure you will be


You went to a store to purchase one or two house equipment and on your way out of the store after you finish purchasing those items

The secretary of the store called you with a smile on his/her face and give you a book asking for your WHATSAPP NO or let’s say PHONE NUMBER that they want to give you a special gift


I know you will drop it because you will be a little bit curious to know more about the special gift since most businesses don’t do that

Now after getting home in the midnight when you are about to sleep you now receive a message from the store

Appreciating you and telling you they love you and they will like to see you more often again

How will you feel?

I know you feel so good although the gift is not a physical gift, but that alone is enough

will you patronize them another day or go to another store?

Am sure you won’t think about any other store than their store

Do you see how powerful building a list is?

Now it doesn’t stop there they will keep sending you messages on their promo days, discount days.

Am sure you will really fell in love with their brand.

Because they’ve gone beyond the normal come into our store buy and leave strategy everyone is used to

They’ve gone further to Build a quality relationship with you as a customer

Are you loving this already?

How To Position Yourself As An Authority, Grow Influence And Generate Massive Sales From Your Produc/Services Even If No one Know You

Now building a list is the first thing but it doesn’t end there you need to build rapport/relationship with those customers on your list.

How Do You Build A List Of Valid Customer Using Messenger Chatbot

if you have read my content on What Messenger Chatbot marketing Entails And Why Your Business Needs To Start Paying Attention to it you will understand that Facebook is a large ocean that contains over 1.3 billion active user

And out of this 1.3 billion, there is a probability that 3-5% of customers live and stay active there

All that you need, is to have a messenger chatbot which you can use to acquire these prospects

And the sweetest part of messenger chatbot is that

Anyone that lands on your chatbot automatically becomes your bot subscriber once they land on it

All that you need is to have a chatbot and extract the link to your chatbot out


Although there are several ways to drive most of your customers who are on facebook to your chatbot

But I will only list few of it below

(1) Social media link sharing

if you have a social media page for your business, you can create what we call Lead magnet

what is a Lead Magnet

A lead magnet is a free gift or lead bait you give to customers in exchange for their contact and for them you to gain their trust

A lead magnet should be an educative content that will help your customers to solve a specific problem because the purpose for giving it out is to position your brand as the go-to brand or an authority in the industry.

And it can be in the formats below





SURVEY e.t.c

This is what will trigger them to take action when they see your link

let us be realistic if you see a link from the timeline or page of one of the companies or store you always patronize without anything like click here to get a free or 50% discount off

Will you click the link?

Certainly NO

it is a general thing and that’s one of Human being psychological triggers

Now, once you conclude on what you will use as a lead magnet

Craft out the copy and post it out with your bot link on your social media page.

Mind you indicate that they are getting the lead magnet from the link


Let’s say I have an OFFLINE STORE and I have a chatbot what I will use for my lead magnet will be a competition

I will tell my audience to enter into a competition and tell them what they will get if they make it as a WINNER then I will tell them to click my messenger chatbot to enter the competition

once they enter the competition anyone that wins will get the price and the others will also get a discount every product am selling in my shop for 7 days

I will surely make a lot of sales.


So decide on what you will use as your Lead magnet then prepare it, once it is ready, write out an Ads copy with your chatbot link and post it on your social media pages, blog e.t.c

(2) Facebook Ads

A lot of people don’t know about this and I will write a content explaining this anytime soon

Click HERE to join my chatbot list so as to be notified anytime I post something related to this

in a simple language, Facebook ads is all about paying FACEBOOK to help you sponsor or show your offer to thousands of your target audience on Facebook

Do you grab that?


If you have an offline store you can just print out your chatbot QR code where your customers can scan and be added to your chatbot list

you will find that on the platform you use in building your chatbot

Let’s assume you’ve started building a list

How Will You Generate More Profit/Sales For Your Business Using Messenger Chatbot

How To Attract The Right Set Of Customer Into Your Brand/Business Using The Hunter Whistle Blow Strategy

Once you have a list of prospects the next thing is to nurture them with your contents

Send them follow-up messages from time to time

Appreciate them when they come to your store to purchase an item

Send them promo and discount days

And tell them what can benefit them based on your business

lastly to generate sales tell them when you have new products that they will love


With this, you will continue making sales from day to day because you now have a list of raving fans that Know you Like you and Trust your brand

P.S:- If you don’t have a chatbot yet and you really want to build one for your business you can send me a message on this email with the keyword

“I need to build a chatbot for my business” then explain what your business entails and what you will be using the chatbot for whether to sell or build list indicate there

And send it as an email to

I will reply you back and tell you if we can work together

Note:- Though my works are not cheap, but I give quality work and you will really love it

Do you get value from this content?

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