How To Attract The Right Set Of Customer Into Your Brand/Business Using The Hunter Whistle Blow Strategy


Sometimes, your advert can be SO captivating, educative and attractive to the point where those who are not your target audience will click through to see what you’re offering

In this kind of situation, the end result will surely be Little to zero sales made.

And there is no point in creating a compelling and attractive campaign that only bring little sales

You got to understand that Knowing your ideal customers alone won’t help in this situation

You need to know them, know the right language, the right signal that can easily captivate and attract them into your funnel

And this is what am about to show you RIGHT in this content.

If you’ve been to places where Hunters hunt, or watch movies where Hunting is part of the role play, you will understand this strategy better

And even if you’ve never experienced any of this before, just stay with me you will also understand it today.

When a hunter goes to the field to hunt, he will pack all his Dog’s along with him, so that they can help on the hunting field, and the only thing he use in gathering all those dog’s together when it is time to move on or go back home is His WHISTLE

Animals such as Birds, goats, and others in the bush does not understand the HUNTER WHISTLE SIGNAL

But a HUNTER dog surely know and understand the signal communicated once the WHISTLE IS BEEN BLOWN


If you really want to attract the right SET OF customers into your brand or have a successful campaign, Your CONTENT or ADS COPY should be able to pass a message whereby your target will see their self and knows you are really talking to them

Take for example if you are in Church and your pastor says ladies in the House “Praise the lord”

It is only men that don’t concentrate in the church that will join the ladies in praising the lord (smiles…)


The message is targeted to a particular audience

Are you getting this business?

Communicate to them in a simple language that shows you are really talking to them


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Let me give you ONE more example

Am in the ONLINE MARKETING INDUSTRY let assume I have a course about social media content marketing and I want to market this course to my target audience by attracting them into my funnel to convert them

I know writing contents and all those social media marketing stuff is a big problem for some people

they would have tried it themselves and it doesn’t work out for them

What I will do is to attract and pass my message to them using the Hunter whistle blow strategy by taking advantage of their PAIN AND FRUSTRATIONS

My content or ads copy won’t do any other thing than to CALL THEM OUT AND SLAB THEM WITH AN IRRESISTIBLE OFFER

How will I do that

Wait! calm down so that you can get the thing

Okay watch me as I do it

“Are you tired and so frustrated about managing and getting client/customer to persuade your brand on social media? “

Wait! Look at that Line again

Read it so as to get the main message

There is no doubt in it that 90% of people that will click through will be my target audience


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The Hunter whistle blow will save you from having a HIGH wrong set of audience in your funnel

Use this and let me know how it works for you

Has this content added to your mansion of knowledge?

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