How To Attract And Retain Quality Customers, Build Influence And Authority Online Using Bridge The Gap Marketing Approach

The marketing approach am about to show has the potent to change your income forever if applied as stated..

I believe it not a new song that customers are the lifeblood of every business.. it is something you know and you hear people say every day…

The fact is “A business that doesn’t have customers is a dead business..

That why it very important for you as a businessman/woman to have a strategic customer acquisition system at hand that will keep bringing customers to your business day in day out…

And one of those systems is what I will hand over to you in a short moment…

But before that, some of the questions people keep asking every day is “How can I get QUALITY customers into my brand” How can I build influence and become an authority in my industry e.t.c

the fact is there are diverse kinds of customers some are just there to chop and run away

So also, some are there to chop and at the same time invest in your product/service ( this are the quality customers that keeps your business running till date )

Am I right?


Getting this kind of customer requires a strategic approach like the BRIDGE THE GAP MARKETING APPROACH am about to show in a sec…

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Now Enough of the introduction let’s dive deep into the main business

what do you know a bridge for ?.

simple a BRIDGE helps people to get across a gap.

the BRIDGE THE GAP MARKETING APPROACH is all about customizing your offer for your target market

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Bridge the gap marketing approach is not the normal marketing approach people use where all they do is to craft salesy contents/ads copy that sends potential customers away


Bridge the gap as the name implies requires you to invest your time and content in helping people solve their problems

wait! before I continue, for you to understand the next line study the picture below carefully you will notice there are people on the two sides of the bridge, and before those on the other side can cross their as to be something that will fill the gap in between them.


in the bridge the gap marketing, you and your offer is on one side

your prospect is also on the other side

the BRIDGE is the stepping stone or lets ‘s say effective pitch that gets them across to your side.

Are you following this business?

now you need to create a BRIDGE that will connect and solve their problems…

This is the part where lots of people make mistake…




Once you create this effect, non-shaking bridge and your prospect is able to cross over to your side you can now pitch your offer to him/her


And your bridge can be anything it can be a content, a lead magnet, a product e.t.c just make sure it is solving a problem for them because that’s what will lead them to your side…

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This approach will definitely build your influence and turn you into an authority in your field because you are solving problems for people and you can never lack customer in your business because the more you keep creating bridges the more you keep connecting and acquiring troops of customers.


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