How To Activate And Ensure Proper Security Settings On Your Facebook Account and Other Online Accounts

No matter how you try to be nice, there will always be some set of people looking for way’s to hack into your online accounts to fraud you, spoil your brand or business name by doing (ALL SORT ) if they are successful and some just do it for their own self-satisfaction

I’ve seen a lot of online account attack cases and I notice most of the issue always come from the way most of us handles our online account details

A lot of people are too careless with their online account details

There is this friend of mine (his attitude is so bad about securing of online details I mean he can log in and log out on any fuckin laptop or smartphone ) he doesn’t care as far as the smartphone or laptop has an internet connection

this kind of attitude usually leads to all the online attack issue you see and hear every day

See! Your online account should be guided and monitored the same way you monitor your bank account (Smiles…)

I know you can never JOKE with your bank account (Even me I don’t joke with it ) that’s the actual way you should also safeguard your account details


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These are some preventive measure you can apply on your facebook account not to have a SORRY testimony

(1) Never Login or enter your details on a gadget that is not yours

I know a lot of people make use of cyber cafe, but be very careful of the kinds of cyber cafe you use

there is a program called KEY LOGGER which most of this wicked people use

once this keylogger is installed on a pc it will record every single word you type or enter on that PC

Even if you log out on the pc With this keylogger they can go back and check the password you used in signing in and that’s what they will use in attacking your account if you don’t have some other security settings activated on your pc

Do you see why you need to be careful of the kind of PC you use in logging in?

Don’t trust any friend, this keylogger can also be on that your best friend PC and he/she may know or not know

Just be careful

(2) Activate every security settings that needs to be activated on your profile

Some of them are:-


with this feature, you can easily get back your account if you get locked out, but you need to choose friends and family contact you TRUST

Also, make sure to inform them that they shouldn’t give anyone any code peradventure facebook send them any message


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To activate this setting login to your facebook account

If you are on mobile phone look for settings once you find it click on it then go to security and login

If you are on pc just TAP the small arrow pointing downward then click on setting as shown in the screenshot below

After that click on SECURITY AND LOGIN

Then click on EDIT beside “CHOOSE FRIENDS TO CONTACT FEATURE” to choose TRUSTED friend and family contact



(B) Change your password to a strong password that cannot be easily guessed


[stextbox id=’note’ defcaption=”true” collapsing=”false” collapsed=”false” mode=’css’ shadow=”false” image=’null’]Don’t use your name or mobile phone number (look for a combination of Numbers, Alphabet(both lowercase and uppercase ) and symbol that you can easily remember[/stextbox]



with 2- factor authentication nobody can login into your account if they don’t have access to the code that will be sent by Facebook to your phone

To activate two-factor authentication click on Setting>>>>> security and login>>>> then click on the button beside USE TWO-FACTOR AUTHENTICATION AS SHOWN BELOW



Once you click on the EDIT button you will be redirected to another page where you can set up the two-factor authentication feature



Insert your correct phone number because that is where Facebook will send your login code to anytime you wanted to log in from any unrecognized device

And you can as well add n authentication app ( but I don’t use it )


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Make sure to review all the device you account is log on

if you find out any device you didn’t log on please remove it immediately (shikenna)

And also TURN ON get alert about unrecognized login

If all these tips are put in place there won’t be any issue about attacks on any of your social media account

I believe this content has helped you in one way or the other

If you have any question ensure you ask in the comment section below

And if you don’t have any question share one or two words with me in the comment box before you leave

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