How Movie/Television Can Kill Your Dreams And Make You Loose Your Vision


I have come to discover in life that there is nothing like “joke” in destiny, a man that wants to be successful in life does not play around.

Greatness in life is determined by those little things you take for granted. In fact, Lots of lives have already been ruined just because of those little things.

Lots of people have watched movie/television to the extent that they’ve lost their vision to television.

A man that spends half of his day watching movies and if it is a very interesting movie, he will still watch the second day and even third-day e.t.c as far as the (P H C N) supplies stable electricity.

Now tell me how do you expect such person to remember he has a vision or to pursue his goal in life?

And I have also noticed this; when you are addicted to watching movies, it is like a spirit,

once you start watching, you will wish to complete it before standing, if P H C N doesn’t do as usual.

Do you know that (P H C N) are helping some people’s destiny and they will still be cursing them (Lol)

You may not like this but that’s just the truth and I will urge you to read to the end, it might save your life or someone related to you who are addicted to this:

In my area here in “ILORIN” I used to visit a friend in a community called “kangu” the special thing about this “kangu” is that

they always have a stable power supply 24/7, wow I love the area!!!

Anytime I visit my friend’s house I used to pass along this particular house, the house is a flat(don’t know how many rooms), but one thing I noticed about this house is that anytime I’m passing by, I

always hear the sound of movies

you are asking how did I know?

I haven’t seen a day I will pass along that house that I will not hear a sound of the movie, the sad part of this is that they are always watching all this “YORUBA” movie and you know

Yoruba movies are always loud, I have also been trapped by it before, so I recognize it even without seeing it.

Sometimes, I hear them laughing out Loudly as if they just won “bet9ja” (Lol)

I won’t deceive you, there are young ladies and guys in this family also watching with them

I ask myself this question one day

“can young people like this continue to live their lives this way and be successful”

(Oya answer the question)

But for me (SHOLA)

I don’t think so

Even all these so-called yahoo boys don’t watch movies like that, they hardly sit in front of a television, theres





hand in fact everything about them is looking for scope they will drop down for who is not running after them that they are running after.

You have to get me right I’m not telling you not to watch films but watch movies that can impact your life positively. You have to balance everything.

But don’t watch too much even something you think is good for you is a poison and distraction to your success. Too much of anything is not good.

Even me after taking some courses/training, I always close my laptop, sit down to meditate on what I have learned and put them into practice instantly and it has really been helpful

I know everyone wants to become the next Bishop Idahosa, Bishop Oyedepo, Pastor Adeboye, Pastor Temple omolehin

Everyone wants to become the next Mark Zuckerberg, oga Bill gate

And in the internet marketing world, everyone wants to achieve great results like Mr. Ronald Nzimora, Mr. John Obidi, and Mr. Precious Ngwu.

If you are so close to them you will know that most of them hardly switch on their television to watch movies, and even if they do that, maybe twice in a month.

A man that people are looking forward to, does not sit in front of a television or else his vision will be taken away by television

if you are addicted to this kind of habit, the best way to stop this and start achieving great things in life is these:

Never sit down with them whenever they are watching it:- it is a distraction that you won’t know when it becomes interesting to you, and makes you postpone the important task/goal you have for the day.

There are a lot of things but the key factor of everything is “TO DISCIPLINE YOUR SELF” you may not like it but that is what will help you.

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