Getting quality paying customer/client into your brand/business on social media is as easy as anything you might think of


I know you will feel somehow by that statement but can you just give me 3 minutes to prove that to you?


Research shows that 16 millions Nigerians use Facebook every single day, and there is 100% assurance that your prospective customers is also among them

How will it be if you can know the principles and secrets of getting quality ones who are ready to pay and become a raving fan of your brand?


I know you will love it and embrace with your two arms

That means a brand or business can’t live or exist without customers patronizing it?

But before you finish reading this content something extraordinary will happen to you because I will hand the full blueprint of how to attract, house and nurture prospect till they became a paying customer into your hand


That’s powerful, right?



But you will need to read carefully with rapt attention on this content because what you are about to read took me 1 year of rising and falling before I finally unlock this secret and principle and it is basically because am a fast learner, if you read this content with rapt attention it is going to save you 1years of the mistake I made.



Are we good to go?


Before you continue reading ask yourself this question “IF I READ THIS CONTENT WILL I MAKE USE OF IT ?” if your answer is yes


Then continue reading.

Over the past few years, people have been leveraging on the power of social media to build strong,reputable and profitable brands


I want you to know that Social media in this 21st century is no more what people use to think of i.e for chatting and entertainment

” Social media has now become a powerful tools everyone wants to know how they can get their own ditch from. and as a business owner if you don’t want to waste your time, money, on social media/digital marketing you need to have your own personal HOUSE where you can keep your prospect customer so that you can get to talk, build rapport and sell to them anytime, any day you want “

Where people usually get it wrong when it comes to online marketing is when they base their customer acquisition, retention, nurturing and SELLING on their TIMELINE


You need to understand that your timeline is not and shouldn’t be your main selling point because there are many people who are not your prospect customer on your friend list


You have your family and friends, course or schoolmates there


Using your timeline alone for your online marketing is the beginning of failure


Because it might work and might not work and once it doesn’t work for you , you pack your load and run away


What am about to share with you will open your eyes to the best way to get customers and how to sell to them and it will only work for you if you have your own personal house


But don’t worry even if you don’t have your own personal online house before I will also show you how to build one from scratch


Before I continue let me Pontificate about what I mean by HOUSE in the last paragraph


In online marketing a house means “A LIST YOU OWN THAT CONTAINS YOUR TARGET AUDIENCE “


And your list can be A FACEBOOK GROUP, AN EMAIL LIST, A WHATSAPP GROUP OR A MESSENGER CHATBOT LIST that contains only your targeted customers and you are the admin or the owner of such list


Creating a Facebook group, WhatsApp group, messenger chatbot is FREE


Creating an email list of your targeted customer is also FREE to an extent


But for the sake of this content we will be using messenger chatbot list

The only way to have a house i.e list, full with your target audience is by INVITING AND ATTRACTING them


And the you can attract your prospect customer into your HOUSE through your CONTENT or LEAD MAGNET


Your content/lead magnet is what will attract your prospect into your  YOUR LIST


In order for you not to get lost in this contents let me define what content is



Contents are information’s you share with your target audience, inform of TEXT, AUDIO OR VIDEO format to Educate, Inspire, Entertain AND Inform them about your brand and at the same time sell what you are offering to them.



Your content is what makes people know what you stand for i.e. what your brand stand for, the product/service you can offer


The truth is you can’t have any prospect if you don’t have content




What will attract them is missing

At this junction i know your question will be “what content can I start sharing so that people can know what my business stands for online”

If that’s it, do you notice some key points from the definition of content ?


If not read carefully to completely gab this thing at once


If you are very conscious you will notice that recently when I define what content is for you I made mention of four KEYWORDS










Once you start educating your prospect about some valuable things in your niche that can move them forward or can help their business


The first thing that will happen is this:-


They will start seeing you as an Expert and Authority in that field and once they start viewing you that way you can sell to them any day anytime because there are three things that accompany it which is KNOW TRUST AND LIKE.


KNOW==> they know you are as an expert that can deliver anytime any day so they can invest in you


TRUST===> they trust you as an authority that you can’t sell or recommend fake stuff


Like===> they will like you for always impacting them with values


And Psychologically this are the Basic things people consider before buying from you


Now the contents you are to share with your audiences are contents that will EDUCATE, INSPIRE and also ENTERTAIN them

For example:- if am a fashion designer I will start sharing contents that can help my prospect know the latest style, color combination, cloths combination e.t.c that will make their dressing look fabulous


Now let’s assume my target prospects are business people only I will do something of this nature




Do you see that such content will be very powerful and educative?



It is certain that a lot of business folks will like share and comment, all that you need to do is to ask them to subscribe to your messenger chatbot so that they can keep receiving valuable contents like the one they just finished reading


Am sure 90% of people who read it will subscribe immediately and once they subscribe to your chatbot you can build rapport, nurture them using valuable contents and turn them into a raving paying customer via your chatbot


I know you might have heard from one or two people about MESSENGER CHATBOT but you may not know how it works or how you can integrate it into your business

Facebook messenger chatbot is an automated software that is designed to conduct a conversation with customer or audience using text, video, and audio

With Messenger chatbot, you can build TARGETED LIST OF YOUR AUDIENCE INSIDE FACEBOOK where you can build a relationship with them, nurture and sell to them.


The best part of it is that once they subscribe to your messenger chatbot, you have the key to there inbox I mean they will receive any message you send to them via your chatbot inside their Facebook inbox the same way they receive other personal messages


This is what you cannot do on your Timeline


With messenger chatbot, you can turn a prospect into a RAVING PAYING CUSTOMER of your brand


one thing about online marketing is that people may not buy from you the first time they consume your content, in fact, 3-4 times after that, they may not buy any of the product or service you are offering


But with messenger chatbot, you can nurture them till they become a raving paying customer of your brand.


With messenger chatbot, you can create a messenger shop where anyone who is subscribed or on your chatbot can see the product or service you can offer as a brand isn’t that Good enough?


It good because you don’t need to be listing your product one by one on your social media page again once they need anything they can go directly to your chatbot check the product and make the order even if you are not there



Although you can also use WhatsApp group, Facebook group or email list for the strategy I share in this contents

But one of the best things that you will be glad about is if you can fully know how Facebook messenger chatbot works and How you can build one for your business


And you need not worry on that because I got your back

I have decided to show few numbers of people


How messenger chatbot works



How you can leverage on it to generate more sales, customers, and profit for your business



And How you can fully set up your own messenger chatbot up even if you don’t have any programming skill, in fact, you won’t write any code ( i mean it)



And am doing all this for you totally for FREE



That’s not a typography error am showing you all this for FREE


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