How To Gain Clarity About Your Brand Message And The Different Monetization Strategies To Capture Back Value

Having a great business idea is a level/process

Knowing how to convey the idea and pass the message out to solve the target audience problem is another level

And it doesn’t end there

The monetization strategy to capture back value is another level

What I just outlined above are some of the challenges a lot of brand or individuals are facing right now which make them lose hope in their brand message or individual ideas.

But Today am going to completely erase that mindset away from you and you will gain clarity about that dyeing idea or brand message

you will as well be open to different monetization strategy you can use to capture value from that idea/brand message

Are you ready for this ?

Okay lets roll the ball now

There is a saying that goes thus:-


Nobody has all that it takes when starting


Have you heard that before?

Yes it is true, but at least, if you dont have all, you need to understand and have some basic clarity about the message you are about to take to the market, and the different monetization strategy you can use to capture value in return of the value you are giving out, so that you won’t be caught in the category of people moving from one niche to the other.


In the past few month have observed and seen countless of mistake most brand owner in the online marketing niche make which has been a great lesson for me and it one of the things that trigger this content.

I know right now you will be guessing and wondering what the mistake is all about


Calm down and chill I will tell you


Its something you’ve seen before, in fact, you might be making the same mistake


Though the mistake is simple but the bad effect it has on brand is so powerful


What I mean by moving around the circle is


Today you are talking about affiliate marketing to your audience, tomorrow you’ve jumped to copywriting, next tomorrow bead making or mini-importation

Although you might be earning some token from it, but there is no guarantee that you will last long doing such stuff


3 non-negligible branding layout you need to put in place to build a business making 7-8figures monthly online or offline


You need to have a specific message that you are known for (just 1 OR 2)

Though most of the People doing stuff like what I just explained above HAVE A MESSAGE

But their problem is that they have NO clarity about their message that why they keep jumping to any niche that looks shiny and good



Basically there are two things you need to gain clarity about

(1) Clarity about your idea or brand message

(2) Clarity about who to serve your message to – I wrote a powerful blog post on  How To Know The Right Set Of Target Audience That Have The Money To Pay For Your Brand/Business Products Or Services


Open the link in a new tab to read

But The major thing I will concentrate and help you achieve through this content is

Gaining clarity about your idea or brand message and the different monetization strategy to capture value back from your message


Now gaining clarity about the idea or message


Step 1===> Write out those ideas or message boldly in an A4 paper

don’t do shakara “WRITE IT DOWN”

It might be 1, 2 or 10 Make sure you list everything out, don’t forget every idea is valid as long as it is solving a problem


Step 2===> Now pick 5 that is solving a problem and have a wide range of audience and that has long time relevance if you want to be in the game for a long time (which i believe you want to)


Step 3===> Out of this 5, shuffle them and pick the best 2 you have passion for and you can talk about the most

Once you are able to come out with this two


Step 4====> Pick the best one from this two (2) (You can go with the two, but the one your will focus mainly on is that best one)

Note:- Make sure you personally have convection in your spirit that the idea is genuine and valid

Yes It must start with you

Once that is done

The next process is to gain clarity about the right target audience you will serve your message to

And how can you know the people that are interested or having the problem your message or idea is solving

Click here to read How To Know The Right Set Of Target Audience That Have The Money To Pay For Your Brand/Business Products Or Services


Once you are able to have one or two message, you can talk about and you know the right audience to serve the message to

Start reaching out to them through your CONTENT

not personally, but through the platform where most of them congregate

for example, you can find students, business folks e.t.c mostly on Facebook and Instagram

start using those platforms

In the online marketing niche we call it CONTENT MARKETING


Click here to read===> How To Dominate And Rake In Massive Sales From Your Business In The Next Section Of 2018 Through Content Marketing


The more you talk about this message to your audience the more you will begin to gain more clarity about the message

It as simple as that but you got to take action


I know what I just explained is very simple as you are reading it but without action, you will still find yourself in the category of people “MOVE AROUND EVERY NICHE THAT LOOKS SHINING OR PROFITABLE”



How to monetize your idea or brand message

There are two major monetization strategies when it comes to capturing value from an idea or your brand message

But under this two, there are so many other strategies it now depends on the one that works for your BRAND and you love the most

So let get down into it

It either you sell the idea out by:-

(1) Creating a Product

(2) Offering a Service


There are two types of product as you already know before

It either you create a

(1) Physical product if you have the capacity or depending on your idea


(2) A digital product (which is the easiest and simplest to create these days) and you can get that done by creating:-

(a) EBook

(b) Video course

(c) Audio e.t.c


There are different ways to monetize this part

(a)Teaching (you can offer this as service through:-

Organizing a seminar OR training class

(b) Consulting

(c) Counseling or COACHING

(d) Freelancing

This is the various ways to monetize your idea or brand message

In conclusion

The first step to gain clarity about your idea or brand message is to:-

Stop moving around every niche that looks shining or promises something good

And sit down, to dig out the golden part of your idea or message

Then know the audience who need that idea or message

If you can be consistent with it, over time you will discover you are getting more clarity

Then you can easily monetize it using the different monetization highlighted above

I believe this should help you a long way if you can follow it

Before you go show some love in the comment section

Hope to see you soon.




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