Yesterday i was able to show you the 2 essential component that made up a content.

if you read the content, by now you should understand how to get those two part done in you content.

if you’ve not read it my advice to you is that you read it before you proceed in this content.

Back to the main lesson for today.

the other four main component that made up a content that commands attentions are.


(3) BODY



Straight to the point



Immediately your hook catch a fish in the river the next thing is to draw the fish out of the river into your basket using your LINE.

Abi now.

Okay once your headline catch your prospect the next thing that will draw them down to read to the end is your SUB-HEADLINE.

Again look at what i did in the sub-headline of this content ===> i made some promise to you in the sub-headline right ?

that’s one of the things you can use to draw your audience down to the end of your content because they will be looking for the promise you make and they have to finish reading if they want to understand the promise.


If you can remember vivdly i told you in one of the content i posted in this content marketing series, that you need to have idea about what you are writing on.

Do you ?

If you don’t have idea about what you want to write on before and you want to write, you will later end up been frustrated.

so it is good to know what you want write especially when you are creating an EDUCATIVE CONTENT.

Now let me assume you already have idea about what you are writing on so the next thing is to put your hands to work by crafting out what you know about that topic.

And One of the things that make people read your content from the beginning to the end without jumping are

(1) make your content interactive.

(2) Make your content real by asking questions in the content.

in short just write as if you are communicating directly one-on-one to your audience.

That’s the best way to craft a quality content.

Are you still with me ?.


Okay! now the next thing after explaining what you have for your audience in the BODY of the content is to conclude and summaries the main lesson in that content and this is done in the conclusion/p.s


wait! do you discover some cranks i always insert in my P.S section ?.

If your answer is NO go and check all the articles have been posting in this training.

The conclusion/p.s section is for summary or to pass an important information to you audience.


This is one of the mistake i see alot of people make in their content i.e most content i see don’t have call-to-action.

Your call-to-action is the result you want to derive from your content.

it might be an email signup.

t might be to download a pdf,course e.t.c OR

it might be to comment a particular keyword WHICH WILL TRIGGER AN ACTION.

with this little explanation you should have an idea about crafting a quality content that can expose your brand.

P.S==> We’ve come to the end of the content marketing series

Something bigger is coming

~ S.A

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