Do you have a gift, idea or skill … THIS IS WERE THE MONEY IS

Some weeks back I wanted to hire a copywriter and lead generation expert (Facebook Ads) into my media team

And i wanted to do so, because the workload on me this days is getting too heavy

Greatpreneur Nation, client works, my kingdom assignment, and so many things

Wisdom must be applied

Even if you are good at what you do, it will come to a point were you need to start outsourcing

So I was looking for reputable folks who have that skill

Although I got alot of people who showed interest but almost everyone failed the first test, i only got one person who meet the standard

See!!! In this online kingdom, The first thing people consider before they hire you or do any tangible thing for you is your content

Your content tells me who you are

Mere looking and reading two of your contents I already know who you

You claim your are a Facebook ads expert, yet nobody knows you

You claim you are a MINI-IMPORTER yet, no one as ever benefit from your knowledge

A day will come when you will compete for a higher game, and they will need to verify whether your claim is true or not

If you don’t have a content to back yourself up, that will be the major hindrance

Your content is your audition

Now take for example

If at all I want to recommend a fashion designer to anyone in this community, I know of two people throwing out valuable content on that, Here in this community one is very consistent

The first name that will come to my mind is :- Shafiu Mashood

Most of the high paying clients I have today all comes from referer..

And the shocking part is some of those who refer them to me never buy my product or pay for any of my services

They are people who silently follow my podcast, my facebook content, my trainings and seminar e t c

They never pay me before but they’ve been seeing some of my great works and when people in their circle requested for something
related to what i do


My name pops up in their head and they will be like

Oh have been following the content of a phenomenal guy called Shola Adio who has been bombarding my timelines with contents on what you need

The next thing that always follow is; they will refer them to me and even back me up which make the closing more easier

One day a man walked into my whatsapp dm

He said are you shola Adio, i replied yes

He said, I was referred to you by someone…

So he told me he wanted to do a test ads for his offer

He asked for the price

I said to him #100k, to cut the story short

within 10minute i already closed the deal of #100k

Just Within #10minute and he send the full money same minute

Though it a little figure, but it also part of it

There are many of them like that…

Most of the high paying clients I have today, came from that route.. Referring by someone who is silently watching the contents I dish out daily…

You might see content marketing as a very stressful work, but the truth you are yet to understand is


I have gotten more than what I have INPUTED

That short content you shared here in this community or on your timeline, that doesn’t have lots of engagement as you think..

The truth nobody will tell you is this; hundreds of people has read it and your name has been registered in their brain

It pays alot….

Even if you don’t know how to write..

Start writing on that skill, idea or gift you have…

Once you are doing it consistently

It will keep getting better… trust me

~ S.A

About Shola Adio

My business is to help you and other entrepreneur/business people, thought leaders in different industry to gain clarity, influence and authority and earn massively in your field of work using digital-media, different marketing strategy and social media You can connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn

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