How To Integrate Automated Online Payment In Your Business In Nigeria Where Your Customers Can Buy/Pay For Your Product/Service With Their Bank Card Online Using PAYSTACK payment Gateway Even If Your Business Is Not Yet Registered With CAC

We are now in the ERA of change where everything such as technology, sciences, formulas e.t.c we’ve been using is advancing and taking a new level

The worst thing that can happen to you as a business owner is if you sit down and start complaining about this changes without adhering or adapting to it

what brand and businesses are known for when it comes to collecting payment for a product or service you offered to your customers is bank transfer, hand to hand cash exchange, bank deposit e.t.c

But this day’s things as gone beyond that, most customers now want something easy and comfortable, they don’t want to stress their self and waste time unnecessarily on QUEUE in the Nigeria bank

They now prefer something easy, instant and comfortable

And this has been an issue for most of the small business owners in Nigeria doing ONLINE MARKETING


one of the best payment gatway we have as nigerian is PAYSTACK


Their platform is easy to use and it very secure

but before you can use paystack as a business owner in Nigeria your business has to be registered with Corporate Affairs Commision (CAC) and you must have the CAC certificate at hand because that’s part of what paystack will request for during registration.

And this has made a lot of business to stay stagnant using the manual payment method everyone is used to which is bank transfer, bank deposit e.t.c the truth is; this has not been helping at all because their are some customers who prefer to buy and order for your product or service at the comfort of their room once they spot it.

if this kind of customers didn’t find a means to buy the product and pay instantly they rather walk away and forget the product/service.

And as an entrepreneur or business owner, you should avoid any situations, issues e.t.c that may be the stoppage or be the cause of customers or client not buying your product or service


Providing an automated payment system for your customer where they can buy your product within a twinkling of an eye makes life easy for you and them


Finally paystack lift this restriction on unregister business but there are terms and condition guiding it

The good news about this is that; Even if your business is not yet registered with CAC you can now register with paystack for FREE and your application will be accepted with the space of 24hours isn’t that awesome


If you don’t know paystack before let me share more light to it


With paystack payment platform, you can create a payment layout by generating a link or integrating it into your website where your customers can use their ATM in buying your products.


The name of this package for business who doesn’t have a business certificate is called PAYSTACK STARTER


You will be able to use paystack to create a payment gateway for your product/service

You can also integrate this payment gateway on your website


But the main difference between paystack starter businesses and paystack registered businesses is that once you collect up to 2million in your starter account you will need to upgrade to their registered businesses account with your business certificate


And I believe before that happens you should have registered your business with CAC


For more information about the differences between paystack starter businesses account and paystack registered businesses account check the image below





This is the requirements you need to have for you have a starter account with PAYSTACK

Bank Verification Number (BVN)

Your Bank Account Number (personal bank accounts are allowed)

Evidence of Identity – this could be:

the information page of your Passport OR

a Driver’s License

a National ID OR

a Nigerian Voter’s Card


And to register just go to====>

once you get to their platform click on sign up as shown in the screenshot below


A pop-up will come out please just fill in your business name, the email address you want to use and type in a password in the password section

then click on create account as shown below


After that proceed with your registration by uploading all the required document

But please in the ACCOUNT TYPE select STARTER ACCOUNT

Don’t select other options if you don’t have a business certificate

once you fill and upload every necessary thing and your account is approved you should have something as shown in the screenshot below


With this, you and your customer can have a smooth and good business deal together

If this has helped you let me know in the comment box by giving one or two words out

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