Are You Building A Business Online Or You Are Building An Online Presence For Your Business ?

If someone mistakenly ask you such question Can you answer it correctly and perfectly ?

The truth is; that question is very difficult to answer for some people and the simple reason why is because it looks convincing

But before you finish reading this article, it will be very clear to you and you will know which one you are doing and where you are making mistakes

From the word “BUILDING” it means you wanted to construct something from the beginning

Am i right ?

Now, building a business online means starting a new business from scratch and building it ONLINE

(1) it require alot of stress

(2) Alot of time/patience  e.t.c

And this is what i see alot of people trying to do today


They are looking for new and the latest online business ideas they can start

Building an ONLINE presence for your business means leveraging on the tools available in the online marketing space to get your business VISIBLE online

Now this is where am going

Alot of people have businesses they are running before that is bringing a good sum of profit for them

Instead of taking this business ONLINE to have more visibility and earn more profit from it e.t.c

They rather try to start a business they doesn’t have any idea about, which cause alot of people to loose money and waste time e.t.c


And i always feel so sad for such people because What CONFUSED them is what people say about online business

ONLINE BUSINESS is not all about selling information product about a niche you didn’t have any idea of (don’t be confused )

Don’t let anyone dilute your brain even if you want to start something like that it will take alot of time, research and money before you can start earning from it

If you have a business before why not bring it ONLINE , Create your own platform and scale it up using the different digital marketing tools available at your FEET rather than starting a new business from the scratch online


Wait! it is very clear don’t mis-understand my words

You can sell information about that business you are doing before

why ?

you are an expert in it

you know your onions about that business and you can talk about it anywhere


Now let me share more light on this

Let’s say you are a FASHION DESIGNER instead of looking for a new online business idea why not bring that fashion designing skills online And start positioning yourself infront of your target audience with your content (recommend the best styles, cloth colour combination) and before you know it, you are already positioning yourself as an expert in that field

what will happen next is that you will start seeing people coming to your inbox asking you if you can get them so-so style to there location)

And you can take it to the highest level by Creating an Online Course that will Teach people ” HOW TO ” of FASHION DESIGN

Rather than going about to start selling E book of a particular niche you are not good at just because you hear IT A HOT AND PROFITABLE NICHE



People are not foolish again, they buy only from EXPERT why not Leave that thing you are not good at and start working on the ones you are good at


So if you have a business before start building an ONLINE presence for your business Rather than building a business from scratch online where you don’t have authority

As for me i help entrepreneur/individuals and thought leaders in various industry to build Authority, influence and profit / get paid from their business ONLINE using the different digital marketing tools, social media and MARKETING STRATEGY and i achieve this by coaching, virtual training and courses

What about you ? or you are still BUILDING from SCRATCH when you already have something you can use the DIGITAL MEDIA to scale up

Let me hear your own opinon using the comment box below

About Shola Adio

My business is to help you and other entrepreneur/business people, thought leaders in different industry to gain clarity, influence and authority and earn massively in your field of work using digital-media, different marketing strategy and social media You can connect with me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest and LinkedIn


  1. This article really blow my mind away! I think I will now be thinking in the direction of making my business have online presence, rather than try to start a new business from the scratch. I am industrial engines specialist, like caterpillar, Perkins and Cummins engines in all applications such as; marine, earth moving and power generation. I have the capacity to repair, maintain and overhaul caterpillar engines up to 3000 kva. I have necessary software to trouble shoot engines. But I didn’t make use of the Internet to drive my business, maybe that is the reason why I am not getting customers. What can I do to solve this problem of mine. My WhatsApp no is 07031080590.. A friend is designing a website for real estate to promote products for some companies, just to get commission. The website is still under contruction.

  2. Wow!!! You simplified it. Building an online presence for your business is the way forward. Leverage on the digital tools and scale your business up.



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