4 Most Important Principle That Determines The Growth And Success Of Any Online Business

As new brands and business are emerging every single day, same way lots of business are dying and washing out of the market quickly

What will be the gain if after brainstorming on an idea and you fully developed it into a business and it starts dying off in your own presence

No gain right? and very painful?

if I show you the 4 main principle that determines the growth and success of any online or offline business will you stand by it and stick to those principles in other to get your business to where you want

if yes?

before I proceed to show you this 4 principle know something very important that this 4 principle is what controls anything called success in life

If you stick by it you become great and successful and if you fail to stick by it then any other thing that happens is the result of your decision

There are certain categories of human being I call the “SHORT TIME MINDED FOLKS“I as a person have always been in this kind of category before

But no more


People like this want everything to come there way quickly and in a short time

They want to become rich and hammer big within a short period of time without doing any stressful work

They want any business they venture into to rise and become a giant dominating the market in a twinkling of an eye

Although it very good and nice, in fact, who doesn’t want that ?


Even me will love to have such if it is possible


But life and business doesn’t work that way

Even God created the heaven and earth and all things that reside therein for good (7) seven days

if you won’t argue with me

He has the power to just say a word and everything will be in existence within a minute right ?

but he doesn’t do that, he follows the normal protocol so that we can learn

And that’s what lead to the first (1) principle which i call


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solving problem, giving value

Believe me or not people don’t want to work, they don’t want to solve any problem yet they want to hammer big in a short time

where is that done tell me?

Even God works for seven (7) good days, for him to create everything you are seeing today.

And he still doesn’t stop working he is still working till date

Before your business can grow to that high level you desire

Put it at the front of your mind that you need to be a PROBLEM SOLVER AND A VALUE GIVER

If i can ask

What is the problem your business is solving for people ?


so your business must be solving a problem

Don’t just venture into all sorts of business just because you hear there is money inside

research and look into it carefully to know if it is solving a problem

if it is solving a problem, a pressing problem for that matter it is good to venture into it (depending on terms and how the business works )

But it doesn’t stop there

Although this problem the business is solving is the main selling point of that business

But are you going to stick to solving problem for CASH alone ?

if that’s the only reason why you are in business i.e for cash alone, there is no doubt in it that in 2-5 months the business will be nowhere to be found

Being a value giver or problem solver does not mean you should only solve problem for cash sake alone

Provide solutions to peoples problem for FREE because that is the only way to gain ground, I mean the only way to be relevant in your industry

In fact, if you are just starting out Concentrate more on solving problems for people than telling them to buy your product every time


A problem solver will always be relevant as far as he keeps solving people problem and it will get to a point even if he his no more solving problem all the things he has done will keep speaking for him/her


But there is one mistake people make following this first principle that makes there effort to be futile which is the second principle am about to reveal to you



Business success

You will only work tirelessly without getting any result if you are not consistent with those important things in your business

providing value, solving problems and making sales is one of the most important things in business

if you are not consistent with them, your effort every day will only be a waste


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And the main thing I see that makes people not to be consistent is LACK OF FOCUS ON ONE MAJOR THING

Focus and achieve that major thing before venturing into other things

there is something we call the K-L-T(know like and trust) factor in the business world

when you are consistent with everything you do it build your T i.e (TRUST FACTOR)

you will surely gain the trust of your audience once you are consistent because they will surely know you will be around at a speculated time


Take for instances you have a TV channel you love watching every day and they work every single day but suddenly they just change and they limit there working days to 3 times in the week

I know you will feel sad but you will bear it with them simply because “YOU LOVE THEIR CHANNEL

now let assume they didn’t keep to their word i.e to be working for 3 days in the week as they told you earlier

I know you will keep checking them for some weeks but as time goes on if the thing get poorer

you won’t check to know whether they are ON or OFF


they fail to be consistent and you’ve loose trust in them

Do you see why consistency is an important principle your business needs to abide by?

Always be consistent even when it is not convenient




Persistence in business is very important

Most so-called entrepreneur has ventured into different kinds of business online and offline just because of this one principle (persistence) missing in them

See! don’t expect a break through the same day or month you start that business

it won’t start bringing income the moment you start, but if you are consistent and persistence with it

it will surely produce you the desired result


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If you have all other 3 principles intact in you and this last one is missing

your business might grow big, but will suffer a lot and may even crash on the way

Must you lie or scope customer just to make money or get that client

Must you use a fake testimony for people just to gain their trust and make them buy your product

Must you copy other peoples work without their concept just to make people see you as a boss

No it, not a must you do all those things, to be a successful in business

Be honest with your customers, when you tell them sales close make sure it is close because stuff like that can tarnish the reputation and good image of your brand

Remember it not a must to lie or scope customers before you can be heard and be successful

Honesty and faithfulness will take you beyond what lying and scoping can take you to

this (4) four solid principle is the principle in charge of anything call success, be it business, life or ministry e.t.c

follow it and see the wonders they will perform

Before you go

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That is what makes me know if am doing a good job or not

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