3 Powerful Framework For Writing A Converting Advert Copy For Your Product/Service Promotion

Now let’s be frank and real with each other

Why are you reading this content right now

Let me make the work easier for you


(1) Headline:- your desire is to know how to write a converting ads copy which is what I embed in my headline and that’s why you are reading this content right now

Am I right?

If I may ask, do you think anybody that doesn’t know what an ads copy is, talkless of having desire to know how to write ads copy

Do you think such person will read this content?


Am very sure, they will not


WHENEVER you want to write an ads copy for a product/service, your aim should always be, to communicate directly with your target audience and nothing more or less than that

Going beyond that boundary is an error

And that’s the first frame which is:-


(1) Communicate with them by Calling them out


At this junction be very careful with your reading style, because am about to share some super complex but simple tricks with you

You will understand it if you read very carefully

Now let’s go

My name is Shola Adio

Imagine, I am passing along a street and you are in a shop along that street as well, then suddenly you shout on my name:- Shola Adio

Do you think I wait to see who is calling me or not?

Definitely, I will Wait


Am not a bastard (smiles)


Now, let’s assume you know me and you see me going on the road and you want to call me

You now (hiss) as if you wanted to call a dog


Even if know that you are calling on me, someone like me won’t wait, talk-less of answering because am not a dog, if you don’t know my name use something responsible not hissing like a dog


Are you catching the breeze already?

The difference between an ads copy that convert very well as expected and the one that converts a little but not as expected and the one that doesn’t convert at all is embedded in this keyword ” Call out


The one that converts very well did something which is — it specifically calls out the main target audience


The one that converts little====> call out but was only hissing ( if you see a group of ten young men going and you hiss) it certain that two out of the (10) will surely look back to see who is calling right?

Although you might be referring to all of them, not all of them will wait or look back


Are you still with me?


The one that doesn’t convert at all didn’t ====> Callout

So the first framework says



E.G:- Are you so depressed and frustrated by this, (INSERT PROBLEM)

It, not a must you use that example words for words

craft your own word and make sure you call them out


The second framework for writing a converting advert copy is:-



E.G:- Are you so depressed and frustrated by this embarrassing tooth odor which has almost blah blah (draw out the pain point more)


(Solution)—- I have found an effective new in market solution which saved (blah blah blah)

Introduce the solution you have for them

Now the last but not the least



Be very wise at this point, because this is where a lot of people miss

Don’t just drop your link or phone number

Tell them what to do with it

E.g:-Call this number to get (solution)


Click this link to signup within 1seconds and get

P.s:- No matter the kind of business you are into this FRAMEWORK will work wonders for you

They are just 3


Call out=== Solution==== how to get the solution


Now do you love this content


if yes


What if I tell you that, what you just finished reading is a basic ads copywriting framework that can make you thousands of naira from that product that has been resting in your hard-disk or store?


But I have something more spectacular, more advanced, that will make your target audience pull out their wallet and pay for your product or service without thinking or doubting your product ability.


But it will only be yours if you are ready?


I know you will be like ” am ready any day, anytime”


That’s not the kind of ready am talking about


Am talking about ready in the sense that:- Are you ready to leave that level of leaping(rise today and fall tomorrow)


Today you advert campaign convert and tomorrow (Loss)


Do you now get the kind of ready am talking about?


If you are ready am giving you a non-failing profitable Facebook ads video course designed and produced by me


Where you will be handed with strategies like:-


How to set up profitable Facebook ads by yourself from scratch

How to know the right target audience for your offer

Two converting targeting techniques to crush Facebook ads game (this targeting has never failed me and it can never fail you, provided that you follow everything started in the video

How to create a marketing funnel that will convert even the most stubborn customer to a raving paying customer

How to write irresistible ads copy (as we have irresistible offer so also is ) irresistible ads copy

And lots more that I can’t mention in this one post


And am going to be giving you two powerful course as bonus


(1) How to build a messenger chatbot from scratch even if the only thing you know is how to launch Facebook and whats app.

(2) Social media content marketing (this course is a game changer if you want to crush your content marketing game)


Although on a normal ground people will give you stuff that doesn’t go in depth like this anything less than 20k to 40k

But am not going to charge you upto that i will give you access into this coaching course for just #10,000


though it worth something greater than that


But am giving you access to enter into the course arena for just #10,000


At this junction, the worst thing you can do is to call the course a trash and go back spending and losing money to Mr mark

But I don’t want that for you

So take up this offer by sending the keyword ( i need your facebook advert course to) shola@sholaadio.com


P.s ==> Do you got value from this piece (if yes)

Let me know in the comment box

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  1. Yes there is always value in your contents, your course has really opened my eyes to doing social media marketing rightly.
    I like this theme of you used, simple and responsive. I will love if you can give me a hint into it.

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