3 non-negligible branding layout you need to put in place to build a business making 7-8figures monthly online or offline

Before I show you the three branding layout you need to put in place to scale up your business or brand profit revenue to 7-8figure monthly

The 1% successful businesses you and I see and hear about in our world today does not joke with what am about to show you

And research reveals that this three layout is what most of the other 99% business staggering, falling and rising every day has not put in place

It will be my delight that you put everything you will learn in this content into action

Though it simple, its something you’ve heard before but you might or haven’t put it in place in your business

If I can ask

Why do you think everyone loves to say things like:-

No1 ——————-in Nigeria


No 1 E-COMMERCE store in Nigeria, United state e.t.c ….

No 1 fashion designer in Nigeria

Some will even say No 1 best entrepreneur in Africa right?

Have you seen that before?

Everyone even a people that new into the business wants to become NO 1 although what they are doing is right to some extent (That’s positioning)

but most of them didn’t really know nor sit down to understand what brought about that title or word

That brings me to the first branding layout which I call:-



(1) MESSAGE:- your brand or business message

And this is what i refer to as

USP:- Unique selling point

Just for a moment ask yourself

What is my brand USP- unique selling point

99% of business crawling and staggering today don’t have this layout in place

Listen and listen well today

Customers and clients patronize your brand/business because of only one thing which is:-


What is that thing that differentiates your brand product or the service you offer from other competitors


The E-COMMERCE I used as an example in the opening part of this content

A well-structured brand will not say stuff like

No 1 E-COMMERCE store in…

Rather they will add what differentiate them that make them No 1


No 1 E-COMMERCE store in Nigeria that get goods delivered To your doorsteps within 48hours of placing the order


If you see this second one and the first one which one will you go for?


Am sure it is No 1

“NO” you will definitely go for the second example


Do you get it?


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Now that you know the reason why your business or brand needs to have a Unique selling point

How can you create one that will attract prospective customers who are ready to buy or pay for your goods/services


How to create a unique selling point for your business

(a) What problem is your brand, business or product solving for people

E.g Shola Adio brand

Helps business folks, thought leader in general entrepreneur

Gain clarity about their brand message

See! not every business have a clarity about the idea or vision of the business they are riding

Help to build a strong online presence/platform, generate massive customers and make sales using the digital media, social media and different marketing strategy and techniques e.t.c

That’s the problem my own brand is solving

Now the next thing you need to put in place to have a well structured USP(unique selling point) is:-

(b) Timeframe

The time frame needed for you to achieve the result you promised for that product to solve the problem

Mine:- 40-60days but you need to be specific

So I go for 60days

(c) Then the next thing is to hit them with a guarantee

E.g Guaranted

So let me bring all those words together so that you can understand

Shola Adio brand – USP(unique selling point)

I help entrepreneurs build a strong online presence for their brand, generate more customers and make massive sales using the different digital media tools,social media and marketing strategies within 60days Guaranteed

Can you see that?

Am very sure a sharp little boy or girl will understand my USP with the way it was constructed

So create yours today

Read more on how to create a USP for your product here==> How To Create A Hot Selling Point To Sell Your Product/Service Online.


Now Let me assume you have a well structured and powerful USP like mine

The other thing people mess with is:-







Have you ever been to any small or big market to buy stuffs before?

If yes

When you get to the market do you just go to any store that looks good to you to ask for the product you wanted to buy


You go around and look for your “Target seller” I.e those sellers who are selling what you really need

I know a wise man/woman like you will do the second option


Now you didn’t just go to anybody

You go around and look for your target seller office/store

The same thing applies to your business

Do you know who your ideal customers are?

If you see them can you recognize them?

If you suddenly wake you up from sleep unaware before and I start asking you to tell me some information about them will you be able to tell me without looking through any book


then you really have some work to do

You need to know your ideal customer from head to toe to the extent that when you see them you can easily recognize them

Jesus said something in John 10:14

He said I Am the good shepherd; i know my sheep and my sheep know me.


Don’t forget when you are going to market you know what you wanted to buy and from the look of each store, you know your target seller right?

So also your ideal customer or clients know you and you need to know them so as to know who to pitch to

If you don’t know who your ideal customer is before

Click this link to read this blog post on How To Know The Right Set Of Target Audience That Have The Money To Pay For Your Brand/Business Products Or Services

The third layout you need to put in place is:-



(3) Platform/media

You will still be in the category of the 99% of other staggering or rise and fall businesses we have in the world today if you don’t have this third layout in place.

Although you now have a message and you know your target market

The question now is:-

How do you now communicate to them so that you can have them as customers?

The platforms where they can be found and how to reach out to them on that platform?


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Note:- that why it very important to know who they are


Because once you know who they are

You will know what they like

The language they speak( this is the language you will also use to attract them to yourself)

if you have a product targeted for people speaking FRENCH OR HAUSA, you can’t go there and start speaking Yoruba and expect them to buy from you (from where?)

that why you need to also know the language they speak

Things they are familiar with

Problems they want to solve e.t.c


So if you don’t know who your ideal customer is before (open this in a new tab to read my blog post on)


How to know the right target audience to pitch your product to


Depending on your target market

Your own platform might be online or offline

Mine is Online, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram e.t.c and I know who they are

I reach out to them through my CONTENT I.e I enlighten them and provide value to them consistently through my Text, Audio or Video contents and they in return buy my course, pay for my services since I already position my service as their target seller

Don’t forget the three layout

Message – USP(unique selling point)


Media or platform- ONLINE OR OFFLINE

I believe you’ve learned something superb from this content

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Hope to see you later

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