3 Compulsory Element To Be An Active Stakeholder In The Billion Dollar DIGITAL ECONOMY

There is 1 major thing that always separates the men from the boys in any industry…..


You might be thinking grey hair (NO) you miss it


it is not the grey hair or the big head, or the AGE it is WISDOM and Knowledge 


And that’s the reason why this content you are about to read is the most valuable thing you will ever come across today (TRUST ME)


It won’t even take you up to 5 minutes to finish reading and yet you will get something that will skyrocket tour business and life forever


What separate the big men from the boys in the billion-dollar digital economy are embedded in these 3 element


Generating Leads


Creating a funnel and 


Having a product 


I will pick them 1 after the other 


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Are you ready?


1. Leads ( there is a saying which I believe to be true) “Customers are the lifeblood of every business”


Without leads or customers patronising a business, such business is not qualified to be called a business and that’s the reason “LEAD GENERATION” should not be something you leave to God to do for you


It should be your duty, your obligation, you must see lead generation has a responsibility that has to be done on a daily basis 


Now how can you generate quality leads for your business 


  1. Through New Media tools such as (Social Media, blogging, Paid Advertisement )


  1. Traditional marketing such as (Banner, fliers, billboards, radio jingles, montages e.t.c)


  1. Word of Mouth marketing and so on 

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These are just the few ways to generate leads for your business, though there are still more


But am going to focus more on the “NEW MEDIA” part, because it is the easiest and fastest way, and it doesn’t require your physical presence, it a great advantage because it makes your business boardless and unlimited especially this season where we have things like “Isolation, total lockdown”


New media Tools like “Email-marketing” “Blogging” “Paid Advertisement” can be combined together to create a boardless business 


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Now you might be curious to know how, but that’s where funnel comes in, but let me quickly explain what these tools stand for and how to use them so you can have a better understanding when i start to explain “FUNNEL”


Email Marketing: This tool is like a two edged sword, in the sense that, it helps you achieve many things at the same time 


You will notice the word has Two major keyword 


Email and Marketing 


Email Marketing involves using email to send out marketing but not just marketing, advertising, educative and entertaining materials to “A GROUP OF PEOPLE”


Now that group of people are the leads am talking about 


So Email marketing software which is called “Autoresponder” is designed to help store leads(Customer details) and help send emails to them the amazing part is, it also has an automation function 


Let’s quickly trash out this stuff 


By now, you should know what Email marketing is used for 


Store leads (customer details)


Send out Emails that will convince them to buy your product 


Now how do you get those leads? Because those leads would not just fly into your email marketing software (it has to be generated)


And You can generate leads through:- 


1. Paid Advertisement 

2.Social media marketing 


3. Blogging 


You can read the content below to see how social media marketing works

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Once you know how to generate your lead which I explain in this blog content 


The next step is to create a funnel and connect the funnel to your Email marketing software 


This is where I will stop for today 


But I want you to be sincere with me and I need a response from you


Do you get any VALUE from this content ?

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